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Are CBD Treats Unhealthy?

CBD is becoming a more popular product within the health and wellbeing market, with many of us looking for natural alternatives to traditional treatments. With a diverse range of products from CBD oils, gummies, and creams to CBD brownies online, there is something for everyone to reap the benefits. Read on to find out more about CBD treats and how they work.  

What is CBD? 

CBD is an all-natural product that is commonly used as an alternative to traditional medicine. It is derived from the cannabis plant but does not contain any traces of the chemical that can cause the feeling of a high, meaning you don’t have to worry about side effects. It comes in many forms like CBD oil, capsules and gummies that can be taken orally, creams, lotions and other products like sweet treats and CBD hot drinks are available too – there is something for everyone! 

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid systems within the body to change the way we feel pain and create an anti-inflammatory effect as a result. It can also have an impact on serotonin production in the brain which can help to improve low mood or anxiety, as well as balance the production of the stress hormone cortisol so that we can feel calmer and more relaxed when we need it most.  We’ll take a closer look at the health benefits of CBD below. 

What are the health benefits? 

  • Anti-inflammatory: CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, so you can benefit if you have adverse reactions from traditional, over-the-counter medicine. Its natural compounds are unlikely to cause any side effects but can act in the same way to reduce swelling, and redness caused by illness and injuries. 
  • Pain relief: CBD works with receptors to relieve pain caused by chronic conditions and injuries both internally and externally. From headaches to joint discomfort and symptoms of issues like IBS. 
    • Anxiety and Depression: CBD can reduce both mental and physical symptoms of anxiety and depression, like shaking, headaches, and sweating. It can help to calm both the mind and body and improve low mood. 
    • Sleep: CBD can balance the levels of cortisol in your brain which is the chemical that makes us feel stressed. This can harm our quality of sleep, as well as make it more difficult to drift off. Lack of sleep can make it harder to function during the day and can make us susceptible to illness, so CBD before bed can improve overall sleep quality and our general health. 
  • Skin: CBD in the form of cream and lotion can help improve conditions like acne and psoriasis if used regularly. It can promote healing in cracked and sore skin and help to hydrate dry patches. CBD cream soothes, taking the redness and pain away from problem areas. 

What are CBD Treats? 

If you’re looking to improve your general health with CBD, you can choose some of the most exciting products on the market, CBD sweet treats! You can choose from brownies, chocolate, cookies, and lollipops to satiate your sweet tooth, whilst reaping the benefits that CBD has to offer. When it comes to CBD brownies, there are various flavours to choose from to suit your tastes, as well as a range of chocolate buttons and bars and even nut butter. These products aim to be tasty, whilst also giving you your daily dose of CBD. 

Are they unhealthy? 

Just like all sweet treats, these edibles should be consumed as part of a balanced diet, they are treats after all! But if you eat them in line with the guidelines, they are a great way of improving your health. You can take advantage of all the wellness benefits of CBD with these treats, and if you’re looking to be as healthy as possible, you can choose from sugar-free options, dark chocolate with a high cocoa content or simply choose to have half and save half for later! Generally speaking, if you follow the guidelines and eat your sweet treats along with a healthy diet, you can improve your health for the better. 

Are they safe? 

All CBD manufacturers must adhere to specific guidelines when producing CBD and they must have been tested rigorously before they can hit the shelves. Reputable brands will show ingredients and even lab reports on their websites for their customers’ peace of mind, this way, you don’t have to worry about them being unsafe. When it comes to your recommended dose, it is always best to start small and work your way up. With sweet treats, 25mg is the best place to start, you should give your body a couple of weeks to get used to this, and then increase if necessary. CBD is natural, so you shouldn’t feel any adverse effects, even if you take a larger dose – just be sure to follow the guidelines.