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Six Critical Improvements for Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom is the first place that every person visits after waking up in the morning. It’s the only place where one’s health and cleanliness start, and every person needs to feel the morning freshness with confidence.

This cannot succeed without having a bathroom where you will take a shower, brush your teeth, ensure the hair is done all in a bid to look presentable.

As technology changes, there is a need to remodel the bathroom to fit the current trends in terms of style, to match the present day lifestyle. As such, there is a need to consider what improvements need to be put in place.

This is in a bid to ensure that the next bathroom remodels looks impressive and extravagant.
The storage space is also enhanced.

Consider having a low flow hidden tank Toilet.

This is a unique design where the storage tank is mounted on the wall. For one, it saves on space and especially for those rooms with small bathroom space.

The typical low flow tank toilets also help to save more water while flushing thereby reducing the water bills every month. You will be shocked at how much units you can save every year when you consider this remodel on the tank toilet.

Flooring Tiles.

One of the most critical factors to consider while choosing the floor tiles for a bathroom remodel is the tiles. There is a variety of them in the market, depending on the texture and size. A grouting texture is perfect for a bathroom because it will prevent your feet from slipping while having a shower.

They should also be capable of resisting molds since this is a room where most of the surfaces will get into contact with water.

If the tiles are not resistant enough, then the molds will take place due to the humidity level.
Change the Draining Pipe to a 2-inch.

This is an area that is often ignored when remodeling a bathroom but if well taken care of, and then issues of clogging of drains will not be experienced. The 2 inches will work magic and drainage flow rate will improve drastically, once it is installed.

Bathroom Cabinets.

There is a need for storage space in the bathroom for it to look compact, sleek, and more stylish. One does not have to keep the toothbrushes and other accessories all over the place in the bathroom. It needs to look a healthy place to be in for the few minutes one will spend preparing for the day or even in the evening before bedtime.

Amongst the items needed, including some wood, some pieces of wood that have been smoothened and finished perfectly. An electric hand planer will be the best tool to smoothen such surfaces before final installation and paintings for the cabinets.

When a good carpenter in conjunction with a plumber does the remodeling, then you will be shocked to see how best the cabinets would look like.


Many bathrooms often have access to natural, which at times does not add fun to the whole experience of taking a shower.

Improvements in lighting would be much better and will not only be stylish but will also improve the urge for visiting the bathroom often.

Dim lights can work better in a bathroom to reduce the natural sensation while having a bath.
When it comes to the fixtures, it’s best to have bright lights while applying the makeup, shaving or combing and styling the hair. This gives the natural you when the best lighting has been set around the mirror area.

Add a window in the shower area.

The main essence of a window is to allow for aeration in the bathroom. If there is insufficient ventilation, the humidity will be the order of the day, which could, in the long run, attract bacteria which are not healthy. An architect will design the best translucent window to give one an exceptional bathroom experience.

The importance of a bathroom remodel is to improve the features and update them into modern ways of living.

When you consider some of these improvements and more, you will be assured of an excellent bathroom for daily use.

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Ruth, founder of, is an architecture and advisor in the power tools industry. He has more than ten years’ experience in home improvements and home gardening tools. He has also mentored many who are now self-employed in various sectors that relate to woodworking and carpentry.

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