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15 Stunning Ideas to Get the Kitchen of Your Dreams

Do you feel your kitchen has gone a little drab? Remodeling it from scratch or in parts can make it feel alive again. Palatial countertops, upgrading appliances and crockery, adding beautiful indoor plants, adding a cosy yet exquisite corner are a few of the many important changes that you can do to your kitchen.

Read on for stunning ideas to give your kitchen a 360-degree makeover—

Shine with Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights are a ‘must have’ for its functionality and ornamental value, especially if you have an open kitchen plan. It’s not a heavy expenditure and adds an elegant touch to your kitchen, perfectly highlighting the best of the space and making it feel more radiant and bright.

‘Store’ Story

Adequate storage space in any kitchen makes it so organised, don’t you think? Not only it ensures the safety of your food products and other kitchen utilities, but it is also directly proportional to a clean and tidy kitchen.

Colour Pops

Colour pop does not mean splashy, eye-hurting neons. It is all about playing with the right colours in your kitchen that can add some quirk to your space. Blues, reds and yellows will make your kitchen a happy place. Peppy colours can work wonders when combined with contemporary panels; if you are not looking for something too quirky or loud.

Add Luxury with Islands

Gone are the days when Islands were simply about preparing food—from dining to dining storage, there is nothing that an aesthetically done kitchen Island cannot suffice for a beautiful kitchen. Finishing it with an opulent countertop will add much-needed oomph to your kitchen remodelling saga.

Magic of Beautiful Countertops

Kitchen countertops or worktops can change the whole picture of your dull kitchen. Quartz, Granite, Marble, Laminate, Concrete, Recycled glass, there’s a huge range to choose from, you simply have to know what will work best for your kitchen. Choosing the right countertop material for your kitchen will give it a 360-degree makeover.

Spice Up with Greens

Adding a few indoor plants can make your kitchen a happy and bright place. There’s something about plants that bring joy. There is a huge scope to experiment with wall planters to make your kitchen breathable and a ‘feel good’ space.

Designer Shelves

A quick way to revamp the kitchen space is by adding designer shelves to your kitchen. It could match the interior of your kitchen or it could be something entirely different to add the perfect dramatic effect. Play it up with the shelves in your kitchen for a quick makeover.

Hello, New Floor

Aren’t you bored of the old vinyl flooring? If your kitchen still looks like the 90s (nothing against vintage themes) it needs upgradation. You can choose something minimalistic or something more stylish. Floors can bring out the best of your kitchen in an instant.

Sunny Side Up

A brightly lit kitchen with natural light streaming through is the real key to happiness. Letting go of the dark theme and heavy lighting will do the work for you. Simple pastels, whites along with proper ventilation and windows are worth all your time and energy.

How about Clean and Modern

A clean and modern look can truly change the entire game of remodelling your kitchen. With stylish storage units, designer shelves, etc, you can simply make your dream kitchen a reality.

Traditional Indian Kitchen Theme

Have you been inspired by the traditional Indian kitchen? How about a traditional Indian Kitchen with a contemporary touch? With Indian kitchen theme there is a lot that you can experiment with, including marble effect countertop, low floor dining, Indian Royalty inspired storage units, mud pots for storing water and much more. Let your imagination run wild.

Dedicated Tiles Section

Experimenting with tiles in a specific corner is a quick way to give your kitchen a new look, plus it is cost effective. Changing tiles for your entire kitchen can be time consuming and expensive. You can keep it simple by doing parts of your kitchen with tiles to add some drama, style and beauty.

Upgrade the Appliances

Not just the interior but upgrading your kitchen with energy efficient appliances is a great way to brighten up the kitchen space. It will also help you cut down on huge electricity bills and also make the interior of your kitchen tasteful.

Cosy Corner

An unused corner of your kitchen can be your cosy place to relax. Just throw a rug and some cushions, and your cosy corner is good to go.

Goodbye Cabinets

You can always upgrade the kitchen cabinets with open shelves for display and make a smaller kitchen look bigger. Why not flaunt that fancy crockery a bit?

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, remodelling your kitchen is more than just adding beauty or luxury value to it. It requires detailed planning and executing the plan to perfection. Whether you want to refurbish, repaint or go for a complete kitchen makeover, we hope our ideas will help you reinvent the kitchen of your dreams.

If you liked the ideas or have something to share, do drop in your suggestions/reviews in the comments section.