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10 Awesome Higher Education Social Media Accounts For 2018

In these days and times of technological marvels, social media is the holy grail of information, knowledge and insight for all things possible. Higher education is no exception here. With some of the top institutions boarding the social media bandwagon, it is a good idea to keep a look out for social media to stay abreast with the higher ed scene. Here are some of the most informative social media accounts of higher education that you might like to start following.

University of Oxford, Twitter

University of Oxford, Twitter
A seat of elite higher education, this UK based university engages a large audience with a variety of content ranging from images, videos and links on student life and latest research.

Harvard University, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Harvard University
One of the top institutions of the world, Harvard university has millions of followers on its social media accounts and undoubtedly boasts of one of the most informative, interesting and exciting social media with ample student participation.

Yale University, Twitter

Yale University
Keeping up with the spirit of extending education beyond the classroom lessons, the Yale University uses its Twitter account with over a billion followers to talk about some of the most cutting-edge news in the field of academia, achievements of their students, alumni professors and associates.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Twitter

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
With almost a million followers on its Twitter account, the highly sought-after MIT shares some excellent informative content ranging from campus life to scientific breakthrough, which might come to great use for students who are going through SAT prep.

Cornell University, Facebook

Cornell University
A prestigious Ivy League Institution, Cornell University uses its Facebook feed to keep the world updated with the brilliant achievements of its students and alumni, with the aim of inspiring the top brains from across the world.

Boston University, Facebook

Boston University
Boston University takes its social media very seriously and actually takes the trouble of creating professional videos to update their Facebook, which is widely viewed by not only parents, students and alumni across the globe, but also by their huge number of followers from everywhere!

New York University, Snapchat

New York University
One of the most inclusive institutions, NYU is most definitely on the hippest social media and it is using Snapchat to make their students feel more included. With exciting student friendly as well as student generated content, they focus on giving authentic student voices from the campus a space.

Princeton University, Snapchat

Princeton University
One of the early ones to join Snapchat, Princeton brilliantly engages its students on social media using fun Snapchat contests to boost the flow of student generated content which offers an exciting sneak peak into the uni life.

University of California, Instagram

University of California
The Insta feed of UCLA is a total delight, filled with some of the most exciting content on college life, featuring their stunning campus, students, sports and so much more that you might actually consider SAT tutoring to join the exciting life.

Penn State University, Instagram

Penn State University
Penn State University loves to show off its gorgeous campus life on their super interesting Instagram handle. They have also taken social media to the next level with their hashtag campaign, #WeArePennState, which focuses on the diversity of students, their interests and passions.

Keep an eye on these social media accounts to help you get a clear insight into higher education.