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All You Need to Know About Floor Tiles

Many things need to be taken care of when building a new house. Be it in the countryside or the city, some items are a must in a home. One of those things is high-quality tiles. Tiles give the place a furnished and neat look.

Natural Tiles

These tiles are the most expensive ones in the market, but they are, without a doubt, the best choice for every home. Natural tiles comprise granite, slate, and limestone. They go with both classical furniture and contemporary interior. These become worn-out over time, but their weathered look becomes a great aesthetic with one’s home’s interior. In the house’s shadier areas, a dark slate tile would be the optimal choice, while rich-colored limestone tiles will look beautiful with the wooden furniture.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles, also known as Spanish tiles and porcelain tiles, are the best choice for anyone who has a massive place like workplaces. These tiles are the next good alternative to natural tiles. They do not get easily worn-out and last for a long time. In addition to this, they are also easy to lay and are lightweight. You will not have to struggle a lot if you use these. These tiles are also in various sizes and designs, so one has many choices to choose from. A natural grey color porcelain tile would complement a place and will make it look stylish yet decent.

Vintage Tiles

Vintage tiles are reproduced using an original tile. These antique style tiles have beautiful patterns on them, which will give the style that your home has been missing. They come in various sizes and designs. Hexagon shaped mosaic tiles in dark colors will make your bathroom look aesthetic. If you live in the countryside, you can use clay bricks in your home, which will give you the finish that you desire.

Taking Care of Floor Tiles

One must take the best care of his tiles.

  • Before using a white spirit, test it on a small spot before cleaning the entire tiled room.
  • You should always clean your tiles every day if they are unglazed so that no stain marks become permanent.
  • Every product is for a specific thing. Be sure to use a cleaning product which is made mostly for tiles. This way, you will keep your tiles clean and prevent them from any decolorization. Decolorization may occur if the chemicals in the products are not for tiles.