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Your Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bra

It is always advisable to wear a bra that fits well and is suitable for the occasion. The right bra is designed to go unnoticed, but the wrong bra has the power to make your day unproductive or spoil a lovely night out. A whopping 76% women wear the wrong bra size. Therefore, choosing the right bra is not only essential in supporting your bust but also enhaces your body’s overall health.

Wearing uncomfortably tight, loose or shapeless bras may lead to constant headaches, a stiff neck and upper back pain. Your entire look and feel changes when you invest in the right type and size of bra that defines what you wear above it.

Getting your bra in a perfect fit is bound to make you feel better all day long.

Know Your Style And Bra Size


Getting fitted to find your ideal bra size is what all women should be doing regularly. As the body undergoes changes, so does the shape and size of the bust. Experts recommend fittings atleast twice a year. In-store fittings are suggested as you can solicit the assistance of a trained professional who will be able to understand your needs and make you feel comfortable. Additionally, you will also be able to try out a variety of sizes when you opt for an in-store fitting.

Home fittings to know your bra size and style can also be done. You need to measure yourself with a measuring tape with these guidelines to help you out – the band size and cup size. Measure under and around your bust by standing in an upright position. Go ahead and order a few different styles online to know what fits you the best. You may have to go through a trial run until you find the style that creates a flattering silhouette for you.

Bras for Different Occasions

You may have to spend a little extra time in the trial rooms to get your bra fitting right. But it is totally worth the effort. When you have confirmed the size and style, make sure that have an assortment of bras in your lingerie drawer so that you can rotate them around. Wearing the same bra every day is not recommended as it tends to shorten its lifespan by loosening the elastic much faster.

It is recommended that six is the number of bras that all women should own at a given time. Typically, the allocation should be four for daily usage which should include at least two t-shirt bras and a plunge bra. You can also have a couple of luxury bras such as bandeau and halter bras.

Having your lingerie drawer sorted is not enough. You should know the art of bra pairing – which bra goes with what kind of clothes.

We all know that t-shirt bras are necessary for everyday use. However, ensure that you wear them with t-shirts or casual wear only. This helps in covering your nipples and the cups completely whilst simultaneously providing a firm hold. If you are heading to a party, that deep plunging neckline of your backless cocktail dress needs a deep plunge bra so that your breast line is not exposed. The transparent bra or stick on bra may be a better pick for you in such an occasion.

Remember, sports bras are best suited when you are stepping into the gym or going for a brisk walk. It prevents your breasts from bouncing uncomfortably whilst exercising. Lastly, owning an underwired bra more or less completes your wardrobe essentials for inner wear.

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Shopping online

Your busy schedules and lifestyles may not allow you the time to visit the lingerie store often. However, with Clovia‘s online website, there’s no need to go for store visits when you can check out a wide range of bras from the comfort of your home. The online store carries a much more diverse selection of styles and sizes in compariosn to brick and mortar establishments. It also offers multiple choices in terms of cup sizes ranging from Ato E and bra sizes from 24 to 44 inch band sizes. With an extensive collection at your disposal, you can use advanced filters to search by colour, style, size or even price points.

The benefit of online shopping are limitless. With picture guides, videos tutorials and size calculators available, choosing the right size and style has become much more convenient.

However, if there is doubt, Clovia’s friendly customer service are available to help you through the purchasing process and address and concenrs that you may have.