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Give Your Pool A New Life With Remodelling

No matter how well you care for your swimming pool, you will eventually notice it’s beginning to look a little worn out. Chlorine stains, discolored concrete, a peeling lining, and missing tile grout are all signs it’s time to remodel. (A pool is a big investment, after all; you want it to look brand new for as long as possible!) Renovations are also ideal if you’ve always dreamed of having a pool with a spa, hot tub, or diving board, or if you’d like to add a tennis court, outdoor kitchen, or fire pit. You can’t just remodel your pool overnight—and there are several things involved. 

Understand what’s involved in a remodel 

Pool remodels are not just a matter of updating the decor or tile; they are a significant construction undertaking. It is why it is essential to work with a pool remodeling contractor like, whom you can trust. Compared with a typical swimming pool installation, a remodel is: More complex – if you’re remodeling an existing pool, you’re turning it into something it’s not: a brand new pool. The pool’s construction is different, but the plumbing, electrical, and other systems that are part of a pool installation will be additional. It is a bigger job – it is not uncommon for a remodel to take twice as long as a new pool installation. 

If you have a swimming pool that is no longer looking as good as it once did, it may be tempting to give it a quick makeover that involves a few cans of paint. However, it is essential to remember that a swimming pool is not just a simple box. A Pool is a complex and delicate ecosystem that can be easily disturbed by the wrong type of remodeling. A Pool needs constant attention to maintain its water quality, and any work you do to a pool must be done with this in mind.

Determine the cost to remodel

Pool remodeling is a convenient and cost-effective way to refresh your pool.The average cost to pool remodel is $40,000 – $50,000. The pool’s cost will depend on several variables such as the size of your pool, the deck’s size and shape, and the number of stairs leading down to the water. To calculate the cost to pool remodel, add $1,000 for each additional bedroom. The cost to the pool will increase by $500 for every 10 feet of pool length. If your home has a brick, concrete, or stucco exterior, the cost to pool remodel will increase by 10 percent. 

Remodelling Process Includes

  • Remove old tile

Removing old tile and replacing it with new tile is a significant part of any pool remodeling project. It is usually a messy and time-consuming process that professionals best handle. There are several options available with regards to the new tiles. The most popular options are fiberglass, tile, and vinyl. Removing old tile on the floor of your pool can be a difficult task to do. You must know how to do so the correct way. It will prevent you from damaging the pool and possibly hurting yourself. If you have tried to remove old tiles on your own and failed, you should consider hiring a professional to do the job.

  • Install a new pump

Generally, Pool pumps are kept in a pool shed or garage. These pumps are hard-working, and their motors require a replacement after a certain period. However, you should also ensure that there are replacement parts readily available before you finalize to buy a replacement pump. Installing a new pump for pool remodeling is an excellent way to upgrade your pool. Before you install a new pump, you should know that a pool pump is the heart of your pool and that it’s responsible for circulating the water and cleaning it. You should also know that pumps come in different sizes. The first step in installing a pump is to measure the size of your current pool pump.

  • Replace your pool lights

If you are looking to replace your pool lights, you may want to consider LED lights. With this in mind, you may want to give these new lights a try. It is because they are not only great for illuminating the pool, but they are also long-lasting.