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Six Advantages of Using a Moving Service

Moving from one home to another has to be one of life’s most stressful events even if you’re only moving across town. After all, regardless of where you’re going, you still have to pack up tons of boxes, lift heavy appliances and furniture, and make sure that everything gets to its final destination safely.

If you’ve decided not to use a professional mover because you think that you’ll save money this way, think again. Most moving companies’ prices are much lower than you think and hiring them saves you a lot of time as well. In fact, let’s take a look at some of the many advantages that a professional moving company can offer you at your next relocation.

1. They Do the Packing for You

Packing your household goods can easily equal one-fourth of your moving expenses because boxes, padding, and packing tape aren’t cheap. Hiring a moving company means that they’ll use just the right number of boxes; therefore, nothing will be wasted. It is much more efficient, not to mention a lot faster and a lot less stressful on your part. And, it will save you tons of time because they are the experts and can pack quickly but efficiently every time.

2. Their Moving Trucks Are Just Right

When you move your household yourself, you’ll likely end up borrowing a friend’s pickup truck but this is seldom sufficient for moving everything in your home. A moving company has vehicles of all sizes and can pack all of your belongings at the same time, which means that one trip is all you’ll need to make sure that your things end up at their new home safely. They also make sure that everything inside of the truck is packed properly so that nothing breaks along the way.

3. They Give Straightforward, Accurate Estimates

When you’re trying to come up with an estimate on moving your household goods yourself, that estimate is likely to keep changing because it is a difficult estimate to determine. This isn’t so with a professional mover because they will come out to your home and review your situation. Once they provide you with an estimate, that number usually doesn’t change unless something out of the ordinary happens.

4. They Provide Storage Facilities When You Need Them

When you’re relocating, it’s possible that you may need a temporary storage facility to hold your belongings for a day or two or even longer. Professional moving companies always have storage facilities where they can bring your belongings when you need them to. Their storage facilities are located everywhere; therefore, they’ll know just which facility to use to store your belongings in a place that is convenient for you until you need them again.

5. They Offer the Customer Service That You Need

Top-notch customer service is something that all professional moving companies offer and it goes a long way in helping you when something unexpected happens during the moving process. From the time the movers show up to pack your boxes to the time you get into your new home, these companies are there for you if something should go wrong even if it happens in the middle of the night. They will also let you know where the moving van is at any given time, allowing you to track when your belongings will get to your new home.

6. Your Belongings Will Be Safe and Insured

If you use a friend’s pickup truck for your move, you’ll never know how safe and secure your belongings are. When you use the services of a professional mover like Premiere Van Lines, they make sure that the items are safe and will even insure them so that if something does happen, they can make it right. For the entire move, you can therefore rest assured that your belongings are going to be safe and this offers the peace of mind that you can’t get when you move things yourself.