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How CBD Oil Works In Your Body To Provide Pain Relief

Pain – people feel this from time to time, even though the causes of pain may differ from person to person. Because no one wants to feel pain on an extended basis, medical science practitioners have been trying to find new and alternative ways to relieve pain.

One possible treatment for pain is CBD oil which is derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant family. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it may be effective as a form of pain relief. Before you move ahead to learn more about it, you will love to check the best american seed banks.

Let us explore this idea even further.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is basically the CBD extracted from the hemp plant which is one of the members of the cannabis sativa plant family. CBD stands for cannabidiol which testimonials claim has the potential to be used as a pain reliever. The CBD extract is mixed with a carrier oil, which is why the name of the final product is CBD oil. That is the name by which this product is sold to the public.

Now let us learn the role of decarboxylation in the harvest of CBD from the cannabis sativa plant called hemp.

Decarboxylation May Help Make Cannabis Harvest Useful

You may be wondering “what is decarboxylation and how does it occur?” Basically, decarboxylation is a process of applying low heat at controlled temperatures in order to release the cannabinoids or chemical substances from a Cannabis Sativa harvest. CBD is safe to consume because it is not the cannabinoid that gives human users the “high” feeling that is attributed to marijuana use.

To initiate decarboxylation, those who raise cannabis sativa plants need to hang the harvested plants to dry them out slowly. Another option is to heat the harvest in your regular oven used for cooking at home, with the oven set at low heat for an extended period of time. Either way, the decarboxylation may help CBD oil makers in activating the CBD extract so that it is useful when applied to test subjects or patients.

Can CBD Oil Really Provide Pain Relief?

Since there are patients who would like to get relief from their pain, especially chronic pain, some merchants market CBD oil as a pain reliever. However, the ability of CBD oil to relieve pain is backed up only by testimonials, meaning that medical research still has to come up with legitimate research studies proving conclusively that CBD oil can relieve pain consistently. This means that there is no definite body of evidence yet about the effectiveness of CBD oil as a pain reliever.

There is one source that claims that CBD can halt the absorption of anandamide by the human body. Anandamide is a substance in the body that regulates pain When anandamide absorption is blocked, the person may experience a reduction of pain.

That same source further claims that a person with pain that is related to inflammation of the brain and nervous system may also be relieved of it when CBD is administered.

That source also noted a study done on rats in a laboratory which showed that the rats seemed to feel less pain from inflammation caused by arthritis when CBD was applied as a topical gel. However, that research still needs to be applied to human subjects in a clinical trial, to be proven as valid for human needs.

The same study also looked into human patients that are afflicted by the autoimmune disorder called multiple sclerosis may feel some pain from muscle spasms. They found that these spasms may become less painful when CBD is applied, though this needs to be corroborated through additional human clinical trials.

One finding from another study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine showed that CBD may have potential at removing chronic pain along with inflammation.

CBD Oil Is Not Yet Proven as Potential Treatment for Pain

It should be stressed though that all these findings have to be supported by results from clinical trials on human test subjects to be proven true and accepted by the medical research community, for application on human patients who have pain.

Known Applications of CBD on Human Patients

There is one source online that states that CBD may have the potential to be used in addressing chronic pain when it is applied to the skin of the patient. In another study from the same source, the two kinds of chronic pain that may be relieved through CBD use are called neuropathic and inflammatory. Still, this source noted that more research has to be done before it can be concluded that CBD does relieve these kinds of pain on a consistent basis.

Known Side Effects of CBD On Human Patients

Since there are already CBD products out in the market which are sold to the public, the medical community has listed some known side effects of the CBD extract on human patients. These are:

  • Weight loss (in some patients)
  • Weight gain (in some patients)
  • Fluctuations in appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Feeling fatigued

For this reason, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor first to get his opinion as to whether products like CBD oil may be helpful to treat your symptoms. Take note that it is better not to take a pharmaceutical preparation for your symptoms when you are taking CBD products such as CBD oil because there might be a rare drug reaction that could harm you. If you really want to be treated with CBD oil, stop taking your other medications first and wait for some time before taking the CBD oil – this way, you will have an easier time monitoring your reaction to it.


Many people struggle to survive despite having some sort of pain, especially chronic pain. Though there is no peer-reviewed and scientifically-supported literature about the effects of CBD oil on chronic pain patients, there are some testimonials about it and these testimonials may be the reason that CBD oil is now a popular product in the market. However, if anyone would like to use CBD oil to treat any kind of pain, especially chronic pain, it is recommended that the patient see a licensed physician first to get an opinion. It is also advisable to be weaned off any existing medications before the patient starts using any CBD products, including CBD oil, to avoid drug reactions that can harm the patient.

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