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5 Best Worktop Materials to be Used in Combination with Metro Tiles

The versatility of metro tiles makes them suitable for any interior style. But whencombined with certain marble or quartz materials, they tend to take the interior to a superior level. However, you must know how to combine different materials with metro tiles to ensure it results in a sophisticated touch.

Undoubtedly, metro tiles are one of the popular materials used for decorating homes. The term alludes at the tiles embellishing the tube and subway stations in London and New York in the early 1900’s. Similarly, the tiles were chosen for application to the walls of the stations due to the high-resistance to traffic and daily cleaning.

As well as being easy to clean, ceramic tiles are completely water proof. Also, they are simple to install, and you can choose them in a huge variety of finishes and patterns, making them ideal for any room. From half to full wall, you can install them anywhere in your bathroom, kitchen or any other room to enhance the interior decor. The most popular colours are white and black, as you can mix-and-match these with any other colour in the room. You can also choose white metro tiles if you have a small or dark kitchen, as they will bring light into the space.

Depending on the style of your design, the tiles will look incredible when combined with stone worktops.

However, when combined with some elegant quartz or marble worktop materials, the aesthetics of metro tiles can enhance the roomdrastically.
Here are the five best stone worktops that you can use in combination with the metro tiles:

1.Carrara marble: The white Carrara Marble is homogeneous with a whitish or greyish background. The smoky grey veins and shining grains run across the homogeneous surface, making it look stunning. When combined with contracting metro tiles, it adds the sophisticated patterned look to any contemporary interior, making it appear classy yet dramatic.

2.Calacatta Marble: Another unique material to add a dramatic touch to your interior with metro tiles is Calacatta marble. This white marble looks more luxurious and it is also available in more colour variations – from beige to gold and dark grey. If you compare it Carrara marble, you will noticeits veins look much thicker and dramatic to the eyes. In contrast to White Carrara, Calacatta marble lacks multitude of veins but instead displays large dynamic movements over the slab. Also, in comparison, Calacatta has a whiter background which brings light in comparison of the opaque white offered in the Carrara marble variety.

3.Caesarstone Rugged Concrete: Cement or concrete is symbolic to urban settings but with Caesarstone Rugged Concrete, you can add a luxurious and extravagant touch to your interior. Its authentic look can blend with the neutral colour palettes of metro tiles, adding a raw industrial touch to any urban space.

Daily maintenance of this countertop material is the same as in all other Caesarstone surfaces. You need to clean it with a damp cloth and a regular household cleaner to get rid of everyday spills, impact or marks. Equally important is to let you know that you will never need to seal the surface of any Caesarstone worktop.

4.Silestone Brooklyn: This unique worktop material features a grey texture that looks like concrete. However, this one is non-porous and hence, highly resistant to bacteria, scratches and stains. It also comes in the latest Raw Finish, which offers your interior a realistic feel and appearance of traditional building material. Silestone Brooklyn is even resistant to UV rays, which means you can use it for any interior or exterior application without worrying about dullness, fading or degradation. In addition, it easy to clean and doesn’t require a protective coating or sealants to protect its surface.

5.CRL Ultra White Quartz: It is one of the brightest additions to the CRL Stone’s monochromatic quartz collection. It comes in endless colour options and styles that may offer extra sheen to any urban setting when combined with metro tiles. Using both these materials, you can bring a modern, classic, eclectic or industrial appeal to any room. Another important feature of this surface is that it is versatile and hard wearing.

Moreover, CRL Ultra White Quartz is quite easy to clean and maintain, making it an ideal material for frequently used areas in your home – be it kitchen, living room or bathroom. You will surely be impressed with its luxurious yet minimalist visual-appeal that makes your interior extravagant but not over-the-top.