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The 10 Health Benefits of Cycling

You know that cycling is a good exercise, but you aren’t sure how exactly your body and health can benefit from it?

Here are 10 of the health benefits from cycling which you can expect once you start riding a bicycle, which will make you happier, healthier and wanting to ride more and more.

Your brain power will improve

Aerobic and cardio exercising are known to boost the brain power, and to minimize the damage to the brain which can occur as we age. This means that a great physical exercise such as riding a bicycle or an electric bike can help decrease the risk of developing dementia at an older age.
Exercise also causes an influx of adrenaline and endorphin which is known to cause a natural “high”. This will improve your mental wellbeing and can even help people suffering from depression and anxiety to overcome their mental health issues.

You will recover from injuries and health problems faster

Just Not Sports people suffering from joint injuries or from illnesses of the bones and musculoskeletal structure such as arthritis or osteoarthritis can benefit from some moderate cycling on a stationary bike, a regular bike or on a motor-assisted electric bike. In fact, an e-bike is one of the best ways to get back to physical exercise and activity after an injury or such a disease, as it will provide you with motor assistance when needed, so you don’t have to put yourself through strenuous exercise until you heal or get stronger. As with all health conditions, always talk your doctor first before undertaking any physical exercises including cycling!

Your heart will become healthier

Cycling is a great cardio exercise which will increase your heart rate, boost your blood circulation and strengthen your muscles including your heart. It is a fact that such exercise helps reduce high blood pressure, lower the bad cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of cardiovascular health issues such as strokes or heart attacks. Of course, if you have serious underlying heart issues you should talk to your doctor first before getting on the bike.

You will lose fat

Weight loss is one of the best-known benefits of regular cycling. This though needs to be combined with a well-balanced diet for the best results. Just an hour of cycling can help you burn from 450 up to 750 calories. As your muscles get stronger and more toned from the regular cycling, you will find that you are burning fat much faster even while resting after your daily ride!
The less fat in your body – the healthier you will be, and the leaner and fitter you will feel and look!

The risk of cancer will decrease

By losing any extra weight and by engaging in regular physical activities such as cycling you will decrease the risk of developing certain types of cancer. There are studies which show that people with higher fitness levels have a lower risk of getting lung, colon, colorectal, breast or bowel cancer.

Your self-confidence will grow

Once you start cycling and start tracking and analyzing your results and your progress you will start gaining more and more confidence. If you find it physically or mentally challenging to get on a bicycle and start riding along with the other cyclists, you can always opt for an electric bike. It will provide you with the physical activity you need to stay healthy and fit, but it also will give you a push when you need it via the battery and motor. You will soon find that you are getting fitter and ready to handle longer and more challenging routes once you get started!

Your longevity will increase

Studies show that professional cyclists lead 17% longer lives than the members of the general population. Other studies show that if you choose to ditch the car and use the bicycle or e-bike to commute to work or school, or simply cycle for just 60 minutes per week, you can decrease your risk of early death by up to 23%.

Plus, if you decide to engage in high-intensity cycling you will help boost your cellular health and the mitochondrial capacity. This means that your cells will keep working in full capacity for longer and thus the physical decline which happens with aging will become less evident and will slow down. So with regular intensive cycling, you can actually defy age and slow down the aging process!

You will feel less stressed

It is a proven scientific fact that physical exercise is essential for decreasing stress. Cycling is considered one of the top physical exercises for stress reduction with only team sports ahead of it.
So, consider taking up cycling for commuting, or joining a riding club or group in your area where you can enjoy meeting new people or friends, and at the same time getting the physical exercise you need to get rid of the stress and to feel happier and better altogether.

Your bones will become stronger

Thanks to the fact that cycling is a low impact exercise, you can rest assured that the risk of joint and bone injury is lower than in the higher impact sports and exercises. At the same time, your bones will become stronger, and your joints will become more flexible and mobile if you ride your bicycle or electric bike on a regular basis.

Your immune system will become stronger

Exercising such as cycling helps improve the lung capacities and performance and has a huge benefit on the wellbeing and health of the upper respiratory system. This can help reduce the risk of catching a common cold or flu.

Also, regular cycling will help boost the production of all of the essential proteins as well as the functioning of the white blood cells which are the main components of our immune systems.

Plus, if you choose to commute to work or to school with a bicycle or an e-bike, you will avoid the germ packed public transport means such as the trains and buses. This is especially helpful when flu season strikes and everyone is sneezing and coughing, and you don’t want to spend a miserable week at home in bed.

With a stronger immune system, you will have less sick days and will enjoy a much better overall health. All you need to do is exercise regularly, and what better and more enjoyable way to do it than cycling?

Final words

It is obvious that any physical exercise has numerous health advantages, but cycling is most definitely one of the most enjoyable ways to get your daily dose of exercise and at the same time enjoy a fun-filled ride. You will save money for fuel, breathe fresher air, enjoy the beautiful view and weather and help the environment if you choose to leave the car in the driveway or garage, and hop onto that bicycle whenever you need to get somewhere.

At the same time, you will be doing your body and your mind a huge favor as well!
So, enjoy those bicycle rides and all of the health benefits associated with them!