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Window Air Conditioning Unit vs. Central Air Conditioning

If you live in a humid, subtropical city, the need for air conditioners is real.

Houston, for example, has a reputation for being hot and humid most of the year. If you live in a city like Houston, you definitely need an air conditioning system.

You have two options:

  • Window air conditioning units
  • Central air conditioning units

Let’s talk about which type of AC can meet your needs better.

Why Choose Window AC Units

They’re Easier to Install

The unit has a built-in condenser, evaporator, fan, and thermostat. As a result, installing it won’t be difficult. Simply wedge it into a window frame, and it will start cooling the room.

As for a central AC unit, you will need professional help to install it. This Houston air conditioning installation service provider might be able to help.

They’re Cheaper

Window ACs are also more budget-friendly because they don’t have the components that make up a central AC unit.

They cost around $125 to $350, while central ACs usually cost between $5000 to $8000.
They Don’t Take up Much Space

Window ACs are also convenient for small houses that do not have the space that central ACs require. They’re compact, typically taking up only a foot and a half of your window space.

A central AC, on the other hand, is a lot bigger. It has a condenser unit that sits outside the building and uses pipes and duct systems through the building.

Why Choose Central AC Units

They Cool the Whole House

While window or room ACs only cool the room they are in, central ACs cool the whole house. This is a lot more efficient than installing a window AC unit in every room of your house.

Also, the cooling effect is much more even. With window ACs, temperatures vary: it’s frozen cold near the AC, just right in some areas, and hot in others.

They have Filtration Systems

If you have some kind of allergy, or if you’re living with someone who has asthma, central coolers are better since they have advanced filtration systems that window ACs do not have.

Also, modern central coolers have more efficient systems — they consume 30% to 50% less energy than older types of air conditioners.

They Offer Long-term Savings

According to a survey, US households spend around $29 million on air conditioning costs every year. Now, even though central units are more expensive, they let you save more money in terms of energy consumption in the longer-term.

Think, for example, about how much it would cost to run multiple window ACs in different parts of your house. Not only does that sound more expensive, it’s also a lot of work.

Which AC to Buy?

So, which air conditioning system should you buy?

The answer depends on which of the qualities above sounds better for you.

You may go for the cheaper, more convenient window AC, or the more expensive but more efficient central AC.

Whichever you choose, just make sure you do the proper maintenance and checks regularly, so your AC will remain in great working condition.