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How to Track Your Kid’s Phone

Being a parent is one of the most fulfilling yet challenging concepts in life. Moreover, in the modern mobile-device saturated world, keeping tabs on your kid needs more than just a call or text to know what they are up to. With teenagers, more so, given their rebellious nature, it might become harder to protect them especially from the online dangers they face. At this point, you may be wondering, how do I track my child’s phone without them knowing? Well, let’s dive in and take a quick look at some ways to achieve it.

Cellular company tracking add-on

Spending an extra buck is worth it if it gives you the peace of mind knowing where your child is.
Various cellular companies offer add-on subscriptions plans including the family tracking plans allowing you to track your family members, and since your kids may not be forthcoming on their location, all you need is access to your tablet, PC, or phone to see where they are. Well, since you are paying the bills, there is no alarm as your child may have no idea you are subscribed to a service that allows you to know their phone’s location.

Google maps

While Google maps provide a sneaky way to know where your kid’s phone is, you need to access the phone first to set it up physically. On your child’s phone, head to Google maps app menu and select location sharing. From there, select “share your real-time location until you turn this off.” The next step is to choose your phone to share your child’s phone location with, and you are all set. It is a smart way of tracking your child’s phone without them suspecting a thing.

Spy tracking apps

There are numerous spying apps such as SMS trackers, each offering a diverse range of features. The spy apps are undetectable but only if you choose a reliable one. Here is the catch with the spying apps; it stays hidden. If you choose a weak spying app and your child discovers that there is a tracking app on their phone, they will simply uninstall it. On the plus side, the Android and iPhone spy apps are easy to set up, and you can efficiently locate your child’s phone. What’s more, you can view more than just the location; you get a chance to spy on their messages and call logs to mention a few.

Although it may feel like you are breaking your child’s trust while tracking their phone, it is worth noting that the dangers they face daily are worth your every effort. Mobile phones are amazing, and their contributions to society are unmatched. However, as your kids enjoy their devices, they may end up engaging in risky endeavors, meaning that you have to keep tabs on their whereabouts.