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Tips to Identify and Choose Suitable Subtypes of Iron Golf Clubs

Among golf clubs, irons are generally more popular than the other types of golf clubs and are used on all holes. These golf clubs cover all ranges of shots from short, mid, and long-range shots. Irons typically come with shaft made out of steel or graphite and have grooves running across the club head. These grooves are intended to help give the player greater control over the shot by generating spin. Similarly, the club heads are also thinner and help in improving accuracy. Iron golf clubs compress subtypes which are more suitable for different skill levels.

In the event that you are a novice and wish to improve your game, it would be a good idea to choose the right iron golf clubs, with models that have the best 60 degree wedges. Here is a look at three different types of iron golf clubs which are intended for individuals with different skill levels.

    • 1 Cavity Back- These iron golf clubs are also known as maximum game improvement irons. The cavity nomenclature is mainly because of the hollow portion in the club head. This cavity at the back of the clubhead helps to improve the performance of golfers who have just started playing. And the distinct feature of the cavity back iron golf clubs are the enlarged top lines and sole which combined with the hollow of the club head to improve game skills.
    • 2 Cavity Muscle Back- This refers to iron golf clubs which are generally preferred by professionals and individuals who have achieved higher levels of golfing skills. Also known as a blade, the cavity muscle back iron golf clubs are distinct from the cavity back golf clubs. The back of the club head is flat and without any cavity. As a result of this muscle back, these iron clubs are slightly tougher to handle. However, in the hands of professionals and highly skilled golfers, these iron clubs help improve shots when used the right way.
    •  3 Game Improvement Iron Clubs- this refers to different variants of the cavity back iron clubs. In other words, these clubs have cavities that are smaller than the regular cavity back iron clubs. This includes top lines and sole that are actually thinner and smaller than the cavity-back iron clubs. These clubs are widely used by individuals who have just picked up the nuances of the game.

The typical set would include iron clubs and a pitching wedge along with a gap wedge. The combination of all these clubs will help an individual to play the game better and control the power and accuracy of the shots. It is important to know that the pitching wedge is generally considered as part of the iron set. In fact, the pitching wedge is typically never sold separately but comprises a part of the iron club set. For beginners, it would be necessary to also have a gap wedge which will help to bridge the distance.