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Types of Golf Course Mowers and Detailed Comparison of Their Productivity

Golf is an expensive game because all of its equipment come with a heavy price tag. Whether you are searching for maintenance tools or playing clubs, it is essential to choose them after considering all aspects regarding quality. Specially, you will notice expensive price tags on the Golf Course maintenance tools. You need to maintain a large area with at most perfection which is not possible without cutting edge technology of reliable brands. For attaining a perfection level in trimming the turf, first of all, you need to understand the tools of mowing. For attaining uniformity in the height of the entire Golf Course’s turf, the captain must have adequate knowledge regarding \maintenance. If you have recently appointed as a captain, it is your responsibility to customize the entire area with a much better appearance than before. From trimming of turf to the raking of sand bunkers, everything must need perfection. Before buying turf mowers, you need to gain some crucial knowledge as mentioned below.

Golf course mowers on the basis of their mechanism

1. Reel Mower

The manual Lawn mower in your backyard is the perfect example of reel mowers. The reel is a helical structure of blades combined in a horizontal position for trimming the grass. This is the traditional equipment that you may find in every home where lawn exists. The advanced version of automatic Toro golf course mowers can be used for covering a large area. Manufacturers equip 1-5 reels with different automatic mowers for accomplishing the task of turf maintenance quickly. Reels rotate in a cylindrical momentum and provide you the perfect height. A typical reel of this mower will have 3 or 7 blades that you can choose according to the precision requirement.

2. Rotary Mower

Rotary is the most recent mechanism of mowers introduced in the market and gaining massive popularity. Just like the reel mower, you will also find its manually operating model which is easy to operate by pushing forward. However, it’s electronic & fuel supporting engines are more preferred. This kind of mowers has rotary blades that trim the grass from upward. The blades rotate horizontally in rapid speed to cut down the grass in a specific height. This model of mowers works much faster than reels.

Comparison on the basis of efficiency

1. Perfection

When it comes to perfection in mowing, nothing can beat the quality of a reel mower. The helical structure of reels cut the grass just like a scissor at precise height. If you want just 1-inch grass height with uniformity in a large area, go with the options of Toro, John Deere or Jacobsen golf course mowers. They are the renowned suppliers of reliable golf course maintenance equipment. The rotary mowers cannot trim grass at a lower height perfectly.

2. Time consumption

If you are searching for the fastest tool for covering a large area, nothing can beat the performance of a rotary mower. The rotary blades work much rapidly and suitable for trimming the large grounds. It is also capable of trimming grass with a height of around 1-2 feet. The reel mowers are only suitable for low grass height.

3. Locations compatibility

When it comes to the compatibility with different terrains, rotary mowers better than reels. You can even use them in eradicating weed from your backyard. In rough areas, it works perfectly without getting any kind of damage.


From the above points, it is clear that reel mowers are meant for attaining perfection whereas rotary mowers work rapidly in all locations. For the maintenance of a large golf course, you need both of them at different locations.