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Importance Of UI For eCommerce Websites

The eCommerce business is rising at a rapid rate, as stats show that more people are moving towards these platforms with each passing day. The two most significant reasons for the same are convenience and better rates. When people can get all their stuff delivered to their homes at better prices, why would they want to go out again? However, one thing to notice is that not every eCommerce website holds a similar business and growth rate. While you are choosing UI for ecommerce website, you also need to consider order fulfillment company. Because, even if your website work properly and look perfect, the delivery time of the product is very important for a successful ecommerce business.

Out of various sites, we can see that only a few are making it to the top market. A huge reason behind this lagging of many eCommerce websites is their UI. A bad user interface can irritate the visitors and make them move to some other site. For a beginner, the ways of making their website’s UI better and more user friendly are:

  • Website Template: While building an eCommerce website, people try to make it from scratch. And due to their little or no experience in the domain, they end up making it complicated. To not make this mistake, they can use eCommerce website templates and make their site user-friendly while incorporating all necessary features.
  • Stuffing Fewer Features: eCommerce websites are filled with features. They make the website look good while keeping it smooth for a visitor to browse. But naive people usually end up making their website complex by stuffing features. What they can do, they can choose a simple template from platforms like and select only the basic features.

When their business starts flowing, they can incorporate more complex featured templates while keeping the website simple. Now, let’s see the benefits of a better UI.

User Interface

The user interface is a part of the website with which the user deals. What they see when they open the site, and how they use the site are the two parts that come under the UI. Here is how the UI can affect an eCommerce website.

More Users

People tend to visit eCommerce websites for various reasons like to buy something or only to surf and see prices. In either of the case, the user interface plays a crucial role. If the buyers have a hard time placing an order, they will turn their faces towards some other website. If the general visitor does not find their prices quickly, they will not revisit the website.

So by using an excellent user interface on their eCommerce website, owners can attract more people towards it.

More Sales

More users mean more sales. As mentioned above, more people will buy items from a particular website, if they find it easy to place an order on it. Also, people who visit the site just for price checking can turn into potential buyers with an appropriate UI. With better sales, owners can expand their business and make their websites even better for the customers. That means it is a continuous growth process, which can help the website in moving to the top in the market.


As it is said, the customer is everything for a business. That is why eCommerce website owners need to see that their customers are more satisfied with their services. Only then they can maintain and grow their business.