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Top Tools That You Must Use When Conducting a Technical Audit of Your Website

Websites constitute a very important part of a company’s digital blueprint. Good websites have appealing design, robust SEO, and quality content present on every web page. These websites follow best practices so that they can boast a good domain authority among competitors. It is important to conduct audits of websites on a regular basis to stay ahead of competitor websites. 

With the help of a good internet connection such as Spectrum internet, you can use a variety of online tools to conduct the technical audit of your website. Many of these tools are available for free. Some of them, however, cost a subscription fee. Depending on the complexity of your website, make sure to use these tools.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is one of the best tools out there that you can use to crawl the web pages of your domain. The software then publishes a report related to all the SEO-related components. To assess the on-page SEO of any website, this tool does a great job. It highlights all the areas of the website that contain canonicalization errors, meta robots problems, redirecting issues, and duplicate URLs. This tool is available for free and provides a limit of assessment of 500 pages in the free version. For a more complex website, however, you will need to subscribe and get a basic license.

IIS SEO Toolkit

Another popular tool in the market, you can use IIS SEO Toolkit to crawl a website from the desktop. Once the crawling is complete, the tool publishes a report that contains details of all the underlying issues. It also contains solutions for all these problems. This tool is a little complex and comes with plenty of features. With the passage of time, you will be able to understand them. Make sure to download the report in the CSV format for better portability and understanding.

Semrush Site Audit

This is a complete technical audit tool that you can use to crawl your website and create an online report. The report comes in an easy-to-understand format. One of the best qualities of the tool is that it can store historical data for future referencing and comparative analysis. With the help of this feature, you can understand if your SEO practices are improving the website’s particulars or not. Users can use these useful recommendations and analytics in the reports to improve the overall ranking and domain authority of their website.

Pingdom DNS Check

For websites, DNS servers are quite important and can experience downtime and crawl errors. Therefore, it is important to keep the DNS health in check. By using the Pingdom DNS Check, you can not only get reports but also single out any errors in DNS setup. Any issue at the DNS level such as process downtime, crawling errors, or usability issues is easily handled by this tool. Keep using it regularly to keep your website running without facing any such issues. Know more on different topics on contentpond

Google Webmaster Tools

Google comes with many offerings that can allow you to improve the overall rankings of your website. This tool from Google will allow you to improve the SEO of your website as well. The Google Webmaster Tools are an exceptional platform that you can use to understand various parameters pertaining to the on-page, link building, and technical health of your website. The Google Webmaster Tools will allow you to understand different crawling errors, review your index pages, identify data errors, verify the sitemap status, and point out any blocked resources. With the help of all these parameters at your disposal, you can make better decisions to not only maintain but also upgrade your website.

Reverse IP Lookup

Reverse IP lookup is one of the most important tools to use when conducting a technical website audit. The tool will allow you to check the other domains operating on your IP address. With the help of this, you can check if any spam website is operating on your server or not. If a spam website is causing trouble to your website, then you may make an informed decision of shifting to another server. 

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