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5 Landscaping Tips You Should Keep in Mind

Do you wish your yard looked better? As spring lands at our door, it’s the perfect time to hone your landscaping skills.

Whether you want to upgrade your curb appeal to impress the neighbors or build a backyard sanctuary, this guide can help. There are certain things that will make your yard more beautiful.

The time is here. Keep reading to discover 5 great landscaping tips to try out.

1) Buy Quality Tools

Before we look at hands-on practices, the first tip involves the tools. Every good landscaper will tell you the right tools for the job are critical. When it comes to yard work there are quite a few options.

If you plan on making landscaping a regular part of your routine, buy quality tools. Though they may be a little bit more expensive from the jump, they will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Consider starting out with a heavy-duty shovel, rake, wheelbarrow, and loppers. These tools will come in handy on almost every job and last for seasons to come.

2) Cultivate Islands

Consider cultivating islands. Islands are parcels of land that stand alone in your yard. Generally, they are surrounded on all sides by grass.

The beauty of islands is the way they break up the front yard. Form them in any shape or size that best compliments your landscape. Serpentine curves look more natural than straight lines for islands.

If you add multiple islands, you can fill each with a variety of plants to add yard themes. An added benefit of islands is less mowing and maintenance.

3) Repurpose Leaves

Leaves are going to fall in the yard. This is an unavoidable fact. However, instead of tediously raking and bagging them, you can repurpose your leaves.

Dying leaves make great mulch. They retain moisture and provide nutrients for new plants. Use these repurposed leaves to mulch islands.

4) Build Walkways

Walkways have a number of benefits in yard landscaping. Building natural stone steps and walkways in your yard keep you from stepping on the grass and plants.

Not only will paths give you a way to enjoy your yard, but they are a device to pull things together. Depending on the shape, a walkway can break up the monotony of grass, connect focal points, and keep your feet clean.

Popular options are bricks, decorative pavers, and gravel. There is a perfect walkway design for every yard. When it comes to landscape design, aesthetics are everything.

5) Plant for the Future

Some flowers and plants bloom and look great during certain seasons. Yet, this shouldn’t be your only goal. When planning your landscape foliage, it’s important to remember you’ll want your yard to look good year-round.

As such, select plants that have the ability to prosper 12 months out of the year. Brista Homes has some great recommendations for plants that will compliment your yard.

Try These Landscaping Tips This Spring

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get to work. Keep these landscaping tips in mind to perfect your yard this season.

If you thought this guide was useful, stick around the blog. There are many home inspiration articles available. 

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