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Top Hat Trends to Boost Your Style Quotient to The Maximum

Hats are an eternal style accessory for men. There are several styles from baseball caps to leather hat, bucket hats, snapbacks, and fedoras, so there is always something for everyone. Hats are not just stylish. They are versatile as well as functional. It is the ideal “finish off” look for any ensemble – casual or classy. So, if you are looking to go out in style, here are the top hat trends you need to look into. 


The fedora is the traditional hat that has stood the test of time. From the gangsters’ choice in the 1920s and 50s to the hipster staple of the 2000s, the fedora is both trendy and polarizing. This felt brimmed classic ensemble accessory is a sure head-turner provided you stick to the medium widths and the neutral tones. 


The trilby can look like the fedora but is, in reality, a very different type of hat. It is usually made from tweed or straw and sport smaller brims and taller crowns compared to the fedora. The trilby is still a staple around most of the horse racing events. It is usually worn at the back of the head and works as a great fashion statement piece. 

The Panama Hat

Are you planning a beach holiday soon? Then all you need is a Panama Hat and white linens to pair with the beach backdrop for the perfect holiday shots. This hat was originally made from plaited leaves and is the ideal summer accessory due to its lightness and breathability. 


The Bowler is probably the most iconic fashion ensemble. It comes all the way from the United Kingdom and has cemented its place in popular culture through screen greats like Charlie Chaplin and John Cleese. The Bowler is a favorite across the economic divide of the upper and the working class. But you should avoid fashion faux-pas and wear a bowler only with suits, tailored pants, and dress shoes.


The ’90s style baseball caps are an obvious choice when it comes to headgears. Snapbacks are the preferred accessory for car enthusiasts, “ballers,” cool kids, and the fashionistas. The structured design of a snapback makes it the perfect fit for carrying the “cool” vibe throughout the day.

Dad hats

The traditional baseball cap, also known as the dad hat, is the perfect accessory when you are a laid-back individual trying to get your outside work done while enjoying a bit of shade. These have a slightly curved brim with cotton or canvas material build, making the hat extremely comfortable to carry. 

Flat cap

The flat cap option was trendy among celebrities and television characters in the past. This stylish headgear piece is generally made from wool, tweed, or cotton. Flat caps can also have an extra lining for warmth and comfort during the colder months. Go for a flat cap for some old school charm.


The beanie was once a winter essential, but now it has become timeless and a year-round classic. Understandably, it makes little sense to wear one during the summers, but you can surely rock one all through the winter till the springtime. Beanies come in many styles, from streetwear to sleek-wear, winter wools to slouch-styled pieces. 

The Bucket Hat

Bucket hats have made a comeback of sorts lately, and the trend seems to be gaining even more popularity since the past year. It was once a staple of the skater and the musical subculture, but of late heavy-duty cotton and woolen blends of bucket hats are changing the landscape of the urban men’s fashion look. You can pair a bomber jacket for best results when you are rocking the bucket hat for that ultra-modern yet laidback look.


If you are looking for something warm, retro, and stylish all at the same time for this winter, then the trapper hat is an absolute “must-have” for you. Trapper hats come in several options, including real and faux fur, plaids, corduroy, and other waterproof materials. The Trapper hat screams adventure, and if you are planning on being outdoor during a trip to the mountains, this is the right choice. 

Pork Pie

The Pork Pie is a flat top hat with a cylindrical crown and pinched around the outer edges. This style is trendy and is something of rage among the hipsters of this generation. Go for the Pork Pie if you are looking for something modern yet classy. 

Top hat

The Tophat is the most dominating among all the hat accessories. You don’t need to go full-on Abraham Lincoln, but you can still rock a shorter and contemporary styled top hat at high-class dressing events. Keep in mind that Top hats are a rarity, so you will for sure be a head-turner at the events. 

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