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G2 and OG Secure The Semifinals Of The BLAST Premier: Spring Finals

The BLAST Premier: Spring Finals continues. The second day of the competition has left us with clubs that have managed to secure a direct pass to the semifinals. OG and G2 exited from the Group Stage with two victories, and two of them faced serious opponents such as NaVi, FaZe Clan, ENCE, and Team Vitality.

This was a good start of the tournament for both teams, leaving the fans with duels of great emotion. So, in this article, we want to highlight and recap the matches OG and G2 played in the Group Stage. Also, if you are into numbers and statistics, check cs go matches on the webpage. The site brings to the table all CS:GO data in one place: from finished match results to players’ overall statistics.

Now, let’s return to the BLAST Premier: Spring Finals and start with the Spanish team’s victories after two days of the event.

G2 on the Way to the Semifinals

On the first day, G2 debuted against Team Vitality. Throughout 2022, both clubs have faced each other repeatedly, with the duel of the last IEM Dallas being the most recent. The French team did not take revenge after that. G2 has surpassed Vitality 2-1. Below, you can see the details of this match.

Map 1: Dust2 (10-16)

The confrontation started on Dust2 and was chosen by Team Vitality. The French team felt most comfortable on this map, defeating the samurai with 16-10. The first half was equalized, as it ended with a 7-8 in favor of the bees, but later they prevailed with a strong CT side. Team Vitality enabled all the ideal positions for Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut to show his talent behind the server.

Map 2: Inferno (16-8)

Next up was Inferno, a map in which G2 has remained undefeated for the last three months. At first Vitality stirred up, but the samurai managed to end the first half with a 10-5 in its favor. After the change of sides, it was Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov who led the team to a 16-8 win.

Map 3: Mirage (16-9)

Subsequently, the dynamics were repeated in Mirage, but from the anti-terrorist side. G2 were able to finish the half with ten rounds in a row. However, it was difficult for G2 to switch to the T side on this map. ZywOo tried to emulate what he already did in Dust2 but the French team made a comeback. Nevertheless, from the 23rd round, G2 guys finished the game with a 5-round streak.

OG on the Way to the Semifinals

In Group B of the tournament, OG managed to beat ENCE 2-0. This victory came to everyone’s surprise since, according to HLTV rankings, ENCE is currently the second best team in the world. Let’s see what allowed OG to do this.

Map 1: Dust (16-13)

The confrontation initially started on Dust2 at the choice of the Finnish organization, which was marked by its good first half. OG was much more organized from the T side than as an antiterrorist thanks to the rebellion of Abdulkhalik “degster” Gasanov. The Finnish club tried to respond in the second half, but the advantage generated on the first map played against it to end 16-13.

Map 2: Vertigo (16-9)

When it arrived in Vertigo, ENCE was expected to be able to reach the draw because it is a map, in which the Finns are really good. However, OG sought to be even more aggressive than the Finns to get the 2-0. On this occasion it was Adam “NEOFRAG” Zouhar who took a step forward in favor of his team. The Pole was extremely successful, being decisive in the initial casualties to generate advantage for his team. 

The second half for ENCE was even worse. From CT side, they wanted to come back in the series, but finished ceding eight rounds to their rivals as terrorists. Finally, OG secured the map with 16-9 and claimed an undeniable victory against the world’s current #2 rank team.

Semifinals Schedule for G2 and OG

These victories placed OG and G2 in direct playoff positions. After all the matches on the second day, the draw of the playoffs of the BLAST Premier: Spring Finals has been decided. Therefore, G2 Esports will compete in the first semifinals against the winner of the first quarterfinals. In turn, OG will play in the second semifinals against the winner of the second quarterfinals.

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