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Must-haves Before Buying an Outdoor TV


Do you want to buy an outdoor TV? What things should you consider before you go for your favorite outdoor gadget? Well, it feels good to hit your couch and watch your favorite TV show or that Netflix movie outside your house.

However, many people wonder if they should bring out their television or purchase a new one. This is due to the increased urge for outdoor entertainment in our outdoor living spaces. Technology keeps evolving, and people are adapting to an outdoor patio. Therefore, here are some of the things you need to have prior to buying your outdoor television.

Weather Exposure Cabinet

First, most outdoor screens can handle weather variances such as rain, fog, snow, and smoke. Most of these televisions are watertight closed and have extended cord for practical use in outdoor space.

Despite how much quality these gadgets may be, it is essential to have a cabinet to protect them from such things as rain. This not only keeps your television clean but also increases its service life.

A good cabinet will also protect your television from scratches, insects, debris, and much more.

Outdoor TV Covers

This is another essential thing you should have before you purchase an outdoor television. These covers come in different colors and typeset. Before you buy that dream outdoor television, ensure you go for a simple, transparent, and all quality TV cover.

Consider that which has a flap and can completely cover the entire screen. This kind helps to put off dust and scratches. It also protects the TV from direct sun rays and rain. As far as you’re choosing the colors, it is advisable not to go for darker colors to prevent it from absorbing a lot of heat.

There are various cover brands out there; therefore, it is crucial to be keen enough and choose the best. It is also essential for you if you buy your TV cover from a trusted store.

Choose All-weather Mounts

Buying yourself an all-weather mount is an added advantage. You wouldn’t want to hang your television for a few months then find it on the floor the next day. Choose that mount that can withstand rain, heavy storms as well as sunlight.

The best news so far is that TV mounts have by far dropped in price and despite what you have you can easily buy yourself a good, high quality and durable one. Typical support will work best for you.

If you have a large patio, perhaps you will need to buy a mount that can give a clear view from all angles. That means that a swing TV mount can be an excellent accessory for large patios, while small fixed ones are best for a small outdoor patio.

Other choices to go for include full motion wall mount, tilting TV brackets, ceiling mounts, among others. You also need to know the weight of the TV you’re going to buy and the maximum size of the TV.

Waterproof Cables

Well, you may want to buy the best outdoor screen, but what about the cables? Go for those cables that are water-resistant. These cables come in different types, all used in the electrical industry.

These cables also called water block cables, are unique in installation and construction, and application. Since waterproof lines are mostly multi-conductors and are well designed, they can survive different water types and temperatures and endure aquatic environments.

Some different types of waterproof materials that are available in the markets are:

  • Liquid blocking gel
  • Water blocking filters
  • Blocking tapes.

Whenever you buy a waterproof cable, ensure you have at least two of these materials. Since cable industries use different terminologies to describe their wires, always ensure you choose a line that is not only waterproof but also that which can operate well within marine or wet application.

Outdoor Digital TV Antenna

This will depend on the kind of outdoor television you are going to purchase. If it is a network to watch the screen, you will need to buy a digital antenna. Having the right antenna, you can quickly receive a free broadcast at the comfort of a sphere.

These antennas are cheap and come in different types. Choose that which will work best with your gadget and enjoy watching your favorite TV show.

Another essential thing to consider is the length of the cable. Depending on where to install your television, choose a cable that is long enough. However, please don’t leave it hanging since it might be stretched or be a constraint.

Other Factors to Consider Before Buying an Outdoor TV

Some other things you need to consider before you buy the device of your choice include:

  • Size: Since you have already chosen the location to which you’re going to install your screen, get the right-sized one. Again, the average patio viewers highly determine the size you pick.
  • Other accessories: Here in consider things such as display and mounting varieties. If you’re not going for a wall mount, then a table stand might be a choice.
  • Connectivity: A ready for outdoor power television is a good one. This makes it simple for everyone to power up. Make at least 2 power outlets, a stable cable connection, and a good range.

Final Take

The things mentioned earlier are essential things you must have before you purchase a giant outdoor screen. Outdoor televisions come with all the pleasure, and there is also a better way to entertain your guests. Before you consider installing an outdoor television, ensure you have all the above accessories.

No matter the reason to consider outdoor television, always go for what uniquely fits your budgetary needs. Such things as outdoor cover, weather exposure cabinet, waterproof cables, and much more are worth considering.

One important thing not to forget is to differentiate an outdoor and indoor television. Buy that which is designed and built to be used outside.