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The Easiest Ways to Meet Single Cougars You’re Not Trying

Meeting single cougars is easier than you think.

It might appear as if they’re chameleons hiding in plain sight, but there are actually plenty of ways to meet cougars you’re probably not trying.

As you go about your day, you might walk past plenty of venues that are packed full of single older women.

The problem is: you don’t know it.

Instead, these cougars end up dating someone who was a bit savvier about discovering where single older women most like to hang out.

Well, your days of missing out on your city’s most beautiful older women will soon be behind you. We’ve created a full list of the easiest ways to meet single women that you’re probably not trying.

A few of the entries on this list might seem a bit unusual at first glance, but they’ve all been field-tested a number of times. You can be sure to meet cougars through all seven of these methods.

Once you’ve given them a try, you’ll be kicking yourself for spending so many years missing out on amazing cougars.

1. Cruises or island holidays

A lot of fun and adventurous older women love to take the time to see the world, especially after they retire.

Sure, you’ll see a lot of couples on cruise holidays or expensive island getaways, but there’s always likely to be a selection of singletons too. If you know a thing or two about cruises, you should be savvy enough to know which ones that single women are more likely to attend.

Also, how about a group holiday organized by your local hiking club or a group tour designed specifically for retired holidaymakers? These types of trips are far better suited to older single women. So if one takes your fancy, why not book yourself in?

2. Check cougar dating websites

There are many guys who love older women but have never tried cougar dating websites.

Perhaps the idea of finding cougars from the comfort of their own home sounds too good to be true…

Maybe you’ve been burned by a scam website in the past–and there are a lot of them in this niche–but that doesn’t change the fact that there are some brilliantly effective cougar dating websites out there.

The fact is: a lot of older women are too busy thriving in their career or single-handedly raising a family to be hanging out in social venues looking for a partner. Cougar dating websites allow them to communicate with men in a time-effective manner.

We recommend you read some online reviews to find the highest-rated cougar dating websites, then log on and start chatting.

3. Bars

You might not expect to find too many older women in a loud and crazy nightclub. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any cougars to find in your city’s quieter and calmer bars.

If you’re into older women, these are the sorts of bars you need to be frequenting. As a general rule: the more upmarket the bar, the more upmarket the women.

Having said that, if you do find a 50+ year-old woman on the dancefloor at your local drum and bass night, there’s a good chance she’s into younger men 😉

4. Yoga classes

Yoga classes can be reasonably social affairs. It is common for regulars to chat before and after the class, and this can be a reasonable spot to make your move on a woman who catches your eye.

Indeed, yoga is a fantastic pastime for older women as it provides all the benefits of regular exercise without providing a huge strain on their bodies.

5. Events

Hopefully you’re living in a thriving city where there are plenty of social events being organized. If you are, open your mind and start thinking about what kind of events that cougars might be interested in attending.

This comprehensive list of hobby ideas for mums might get the cogs in your brain spinning a bit faster. Once you’ve read it, log onto Facebook Events, MeetUp or scour your local newspaper, then find an event that both you and beautiful older women might be interested in attending.

Singletons are more likely to take the time to go to one-off social events like those listed in these publications. So you may well be overwhelmed with an abundance of single cougars to meet there.

6. Out and about

OK, it might sound like an obvious statement to say that cougars do leave the house for basic errands. Yes, of course, they go to the supermarket or to the local cafe.

Yet, a lot of guys don’t see these environments as suitable places to seduce women.

Here’s the truth. Approaching women in daytime environments can be awkward at first. But if you have the social savviness to navigate your way through that initial tension, it can be a magical moment.

Older women might particularly appreciate the serendipitous nature of such an approach. Perhaps it’ll take them back to the time when men couldn’t rely on their smartphones to land them a date.

You can bet it’ll make you stand out too. In fact, if you’re a handsome young cub making a romantic approach on a single older woman, she’ll probably remember you forever!

This sentiment applies to a number of the other daytime venues suggested below.

7. Golf, aqua aerobics, hiking

These are three examples of sports that women are most likely to be able to handle in their older age. If you enjoy these sports too, why not track down your local club or group session?
Golf can be a particularly effective sport for meeting people, as the social aspect of the clubhouse plays a huge role in most people’s enjoyment of the game.

While a lot of the chat is likely to surround topics such as The Ryder Cup or the best irons for your style of play, there’s no reason you can’t make the conversation more flirtatious with the right woman.

Meeting single older women isn’t as hard as you think. Just head to all of the spots we mentioned above and you could be on a date with a hot cougar in no time!

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