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Everything You Should Know About Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Are you searching for a tool that cuts precisely or a tool that you can use to make angled cuts? A sliding compound miter saw is the best tool for that. It has a blade that pivots from right to left when cutting. As a result, it can easily make angled cuts which are you require when molding, creating picture frames or when designing anything that requires angles cuts. You can see our recommendations on

What most carpenters and artisans love about this tool is that it cuts accurately and with precision. Better precision also boosts professionalism in your woodwork business and your projects will look more appealing. These tools are very flexible and versatile as compared to other types of saws. Due to this, they are a bit expensive but if you really value efficiency in your projects, this is among the most important tools you should never miss in your workshop. You will learn more about it in this guide.

Why should you use a sliding compound miter saw?

If you are a craftsman a sliding compound miter saw can really boost your work if you know how to use it. Here are some of the benefits of this tool.

Precise cuts

Woodworkers or artisans need to cut different types of wood every day. However, it can be a bit expensive if you decide to purchase the best saw for each type of wood. This is where a sliding compound miter saw comes in.

This tool is very versatile and reliable for precise cutting and chopping of wood. Since it is able to slide, you can easily cut large pieces of wood without any problem .It is recommended by many experts as one of the best tools you should never miss in your workshop.

Changing the blade

When using different types of saws, you may require changing the blades frequently. This can be a time wasting process and can greatly affect your productivity. One of the rare things about mitre saw is that you will only need to ensure that you have set the correct depths and lengths.

Bevel adjustments

A sliding compound miter saw is the only type of saw that you should use when you want to make a bevel style cut. You will find that most of the present sliding compound miter saws come with a dual bevel option.

Who should purchase a sliding compound miter saw?

A sliding compound miter saw is designed for woodworkers, contractors, artisans, carpenters and DIY enthusiasts. If you really love your job and you are in need of a tool that will give you the best results when cutting, a sliding compound miter saw will be the best. It is among the key tools that can take your woodwork business to the next level. However, it is a bit expensive due to its advanced features.

Key Things You Must Check When Buying a Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Before buying a sliding compound miter saw, you need to think of the most important features that you may require. You will find that these tools are not designed the same which means that you need to be a bit careful to avoid frustrations. Below are some of the most important things you should check.

  1. Capacity –When buying these tools, you will realize that they come with different sizes of blades. A good one should have a big blade with at least 10-12 inches. With such a blade, it can comfortably cut even the large pieces of wood.
  2. Dust collection – A good sliding compound miter saw should have a dust-collecting bag or a pouch system. This bag collects all the dust which is produced when cutting. You also need to check the quality of the bag.
  3. Power – The performance of a sliding compound miter saw is determined by the motor. If you are searching for a tool that you can use to cut a wide pile of wood, you need to look for one with a first-class motor. A good motor should have a speed of 3000 rpm -5000 rpm.
  4. Miter stops – These ones comes in handy when you want to make some corner cuts. A sliding miter saw which has miter stops will save your time since the regular angles are already provided. Therefore, you need to check whether the miter stops have the basic angles.
  5. Guide lights – For you to achieve precise cuts, the tool must have a reliable laser system. An effective laser system should beam light rays on the work piece and should also direct you on the light path you should follow to get an accurate cut.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are a professional woodworker or you are just starting out, a sliding compound miter saw should be among the key tools you must have. Unlike other cutting tools, this one allows you to make complicated cuts without problems. You can also cut accurately at different angles. As a result, your projects will always look appealing to your customers. The sliding feature also allows it to handle materials with different thickness with ease. They are very versatile and you are they will always provide excellent results.

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