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Bed Bugs are Ruining My Home: What to Do?

A bed bug invasion in your house can be a real nightmare. These tiny despicable insects not only damage your stuff, but they also take over your mind. It would be only safe to call them psychologically disturbing.

The moment you see even the slightest hint of pests in your house, tighten up your belts and follow the steps given below to avoid a bed bug invasion.

Use insecticides

Guess who doesn’t love bed bugs? The answer is everyone, but the real enemy of bed bugs is insecticides. They just can’t stand bed bugs ruining your house. So, when you need to perform the ultimate genocide of pests in your house, all you need to do is team up with insecticides and do the needful.

Spray tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is the ultimate antibacterial. So, once you think you’ve cleaned your house and there are no bed bugs lurking behind your pretty furniture, spray tea tree oil everywhere. This magic element not only cleans the surfaces but also saves your house from future invasions.

As horrible as it may sound, bed bugs can potentially eat your whole house up. It is only a matter of time before you lose control and leave your house because it is the only option left. So, it’s always recommended to call for a reliable service like O’fallon bed bug exterminators to help you out.

Wash the affected fabrics in hot water

Bed bugs can not survive in steamy hot conditions. So, once you’ve diagnosed your house with bed bugs, throw all the linens and other washable fabrics in your washing machine. Wash them in hot water and tumble dry them on the hottest setting.

Vacuum your house

Power vacuuming your home will help you get rid of the invisible bed bugs and their eggs. After you have steam cleaned all the nooks and crannies, going over them with a vacuum cleaner. This will make sure that you haven’t missed anything. After your job is done, throw the garbage in sealed bags to avoid spreading.

Fill all cracks

Filling all cracks and cavities is more of a preventive measure that you can do after cleaning up your house properly. Doing this will ensure that there are absolutely no chances of these nasty bugs creeping into your home again.

Let go of infested items

There are only so many objects that you can save from bed bugs. Keep the ones you can actually clean and throw away those that are helpless. If you choose to keep the items that aren’t properly clean, you bring the pests back to your home.

Spread silica gel

Silica gel sticks to the bugs, and it doesn’t come off. So, the bugs die. All you need to do is grind the silica gel and spread wherever you think bugs are present. However, be careful with the powder because it is not meant to be inhaled by you. Handle it carefully.