Friday, September 24, 2021

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Upgrading Your Lifestyle by Getting Over Mental Blocks

If you struggle to think clearly when you feel pressure or when you are overwhelmed, chances are you’re experiencing mental blocks. It can be quite annoying especially when you are in a critical situation. Mental blocks can come in different forms. It can be not coming up with ideas no matter how hard you juice something out of your brain or forgetting the words to say during an important presentation. It can also be as simple as forgetting a word you wanted to use in a sentence during a conversation or forgetting someone’s name. Well if you haven’t experienced mental blocks then let me paint you a picture, it is the feeling where your brain suddenly goes blank and you are unable to focus or dig deep for answers. It can actually be caused by multiple things. Learning about the causes can help you prevent getting one. If you constantly get a mental block, it is important that you try to do something to overcome it. Overcoming mental blocks can help you become more productive. Living a productive life simply elevates your lifestyle because productivity and being efficient can lead you to open up time to do other things. Overall, performing well boosts a person’s self esteem and it is also easier for you to be more positive because overcoming mental blocks can also help you avoid anxiety and stress.

So what can you do?

Finish smaller tasks first

This can allow yourself to warm up to the workflow. Also smaller and easier tasks are faster to accomplish which can be something that will motivate you to do the harder and jarring tasks. Doing this can also easily knock off a lot of things in your mind quicker. You’ll feel lighter after finishing the smaller tasks being you quickly check off lists in your mind. Once you do the bigger tasks, you will not be bothered by smaller and less important tasks

Be in a comfortable environment

Some people can work in cluttered and noisy places and some people perform well in a quiet and comfy environment. It really boils down to what you want. But generally speaking, having a clutter free space can really help you become more productive and think more clearly because you are not bothered by anything.

You can also switch up the environment, if you always work in your room try to find a comfy spot in your living room or if you have a nice outdoor eating area that might help. Doing this can give you fresh insights or ideas. Remember, avoiding mental blocks allows people to be more creative, productive and motivated!

Learn Something New

Learning something new already upgrades a lifestyle but it can also be a way to avoid mental blocks. Mental blocks can be caused by the same old ideas. Widening your perspective can spark something in your brain. It can also make the work you do more exciting! Sticking to what you know will make things dull and stagnant that’s why it is important to try and learn something new.

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