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What to Look for When Buying Hemp and CBD Products

The recent acceptance and legalization of hemp and cannabis in US has resulted in markets getting flooded with cbd products. From cbd oils, topical creams, and powders to hemp oils, vapes, etc., there are so many different ways to consume cannabis and hemp now. And many companies have also started making different products like vapes, cigarettes, oils, topical creams, etc. This sudden increase has made getting and using cannabis products much easier for the public. With so many varieties available in the market, finding the right product becomes even more difficult. While all companies claim to be free of TCH and use proper amount of cannabis, not all of them disclose the truth. Hence, it’s become really important for the consumer to be aware of such malpractices and buy products after thorough inspection. But, what should you look for when buying hemp and cbd products? Let’s take a look.

Buy from Trusted Brands

One of the easiest ways of ensuring you get legit products is to buy from trusted and reputed brands only. Reputed brands like TIMBR Organics always assure you of the product quality and are not afraid of giving quality certificates or showing lab results. They do proper quality checks and test the products before selling. They also state the true composition and real ingredients used. And if you have any doubts, thy also don’t shy away from giving test results and resolving consumer queries. So, always make sure that the brand is well-known and reputed for making good quality products.

Check for the COA

The COA or the Certificate of Analysis is a certificate that confirms that the tested product contains the quantities of cbd or hemp that the manufacturer claims. It is a form of quality control that ensures the consumers are not cheated and given exactly what they pay for. Ideally, a COA should come from a third-party source different from the manufacturer or brand. This ensures the results are impartial and precise. These documents contain detailed sections that describe the exact quantities of the ingredients and their effects. All good companies and brands show the COA on their websites and aren’t shy of getting their products tested.

Look for Third Party Lab Results

All good brands always test their products before introducing them into the market. However, a truly trustworthy brand will also give test results done by an unbiased third-party lab to ensure the product is truly worthy. Lab testing of the product is essential to check the potency and purity of both the raw materials used and the finished product. IT can also tell you if the product has any contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, and microbes that can be harmful for the body. Lab tests can assure you that the product really contains only what is stated on the label. 

Check the Amount of CBD or Hemp

Another thing to remember is to check the quantity of cbd or hemp that is in the product. Both cbd and hemp are organic materials that should only be used in specific amounts to get the desired effect. If you use it more than what is prescribed,  there are chances of getting side effects. Plus, these plant-based products are also known to have addictive effects when taken in certain quantities. Hence, it is very important to check the label for the amount of cbd or hemp extracts in the product before buying. Another important thing to remember is to get a prescription from a doctor or consul a physician before taking any such product.

When buying cbd or hemp products, these above mentioned factors are important to consider. However, you should also do your own research of the product and its effects before buying anything.