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Best Teenage Fashion Trends of 2020-21

In this ever-changing world of technology, trends are also changing rapidly. With the outburst of different social media, these trends are spreading as quickly as they are emerging, and the teens don’t want to fall behind. So, they are always changing their styles to keep themselves up to date.  

Despite all the rapid changes in trends, some trends are still staying strong and probably will follow through next year as well. These are the best fashion trends for teenage boys and girls of 2020-21.

Minimalist Fashion

Simple yet stylish; that’s the motto of today’s teenagers. This is why the minimalist trend is one of the strongest trends among today’s teenagers. It includes watches, bags, clothes and other different accessories. These products are not only simple but also classy. They pair neatly will all kinds of fashion, making them amazingly versatile. Still, if you don’t want something so simple, you can always design them according to your taste.

Transparent Round Glasses

Nowadays, glasses are more of a fashion accessory than a necessity. Transparent round glasses are quite famous among today’s teens. These transparent round glasses give fancy and elegant looks to the teenagers who have eye problems while completing their necessities. The glasses gained so much fame among the young generation that some started wearing powerless glasses just to get a fresh and fancy look. 

Checks and Stripes

Checks and stripes are a common trend among the young mass, whether it’s a shirt, or a pant, or a suit, or a Tee. Checks and stripes both are equally trendy as they give the young men and women a bold and professional look. Checks and stripes are sometimes worn with a combination or separately. Horizontal stripes are more famous among the slim guys while vertical stripes are more for the big boys. Checks are equally accepted among all the teens. 

Hoodies and Sweatpants

The combination of sweatshirts or hoodies with sweatpants started a long before but is alive among the teens of today. This is because they are not only cost-efficient but also really comfortable and gives you a cool look to go with. Though this trend is more among the teen guys, the girls have been known to give it a go too recently. Get some cheap hoodies and sweatpants yourself and give it a try, you will surely love it.


Shoes are a very crucial part of the teen fashion trend. Teens love their shoes and are picky when it comes to choosing a pair. Leather shoes and boots are widely known to give the teens a professional and bold look, in terms of both guys and girls. While girls love their high heels, boys are all over for their sneakers. Sandals are sometimes worn to achieve a more comfortable and minimal look.

All Black

Black is the favourite colour among all the teens, whether it’s a boy or a girl. Black colour goes with everything, you name it. That’s why one of the most common trends among teens is the all-black trend. These teens want all of their accessories to come in black. This all-black is suitable for almost all kinds of occasions no matter if it’s professional, or casual. 

New trends are always popping up on social media and the teens do all they can to keep up with these trends. Even among all these trends, some trends stay the same and are accepted widely among all the teens.


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