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7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

Most homeowners today are remodeling their kitchen to change the way they look and feel. The most important thing while giving your kitchen a makeover is the sink.

Fortunately, today’s market will spoil you with options, making it hard to pick the sink of your choice. But if you require a rustic kitchen, you must emphasis on style.

Your kitchen should have a rugged, natural beauty. It embraces textures inspired by nature, has earthy and simple colors, and organic. The kind of sink to fit in such a kitchen is a fireclay farmhouse sink.

Because of its incredible durability and unique style, a fireclay sink’s popularity is increasing each year.

Because of the many types available on the market today, choosing the best fireclay farmhouse sink for your might be a hard nut to crack.

But you need not worry; in this article, you shall get tips on how to choose the right fireclay farmhouse sink that suits your need and budget.

Like many others, you may not have an idea of a fireclay sink. Before we look at the tips, let’s first clear the air by defining a fireclay sink.

What Is a Fireclay Farmhouse Sink?

It gets made using fireclay material, which is incredibly durable as it usually gets subjected to very high temperatures. In return, a perfect ceramic sink gets formed. A farmhouse sink, also renowned as a front apron sink, descends deep below your kitchen counters’ level.

Because of its high quality, a fireclay sink will work out great with any remodeling style for the kitchen.

A fireclay farmhouse comes with many benefits, and you may want to enjoy them by having one installed in your sink or kitchen. To make the right choice, you need to consider the following factors before purchase.

Tips on Identifying the Right Fireclay Farmhouse Sink for You

Check on the Material

A real fireclay farmhouse sink gets formed from clay. Then it is shaped, dried, and glazed while inside a super-hot kiln to make it sturdy. Unfortunately, the market also is a hub of fake fireclay sinks. If you have no idea what material gets used in making a fireclay sink, you may fall for the wrong sink. Confirm the fireclay material you choose is original. Otherwise, you may pick up a sink, which will last only a few days.


To enjoy a rustic kitchen, you must install a sink with a natural look, texture, and color. Based on your kitchen type, choose a design that will blend your kitchen’s interior décor and color well. Avoid sinks with an industrial look and go for the handcrafted design.

Avoid Protruding Lips

A fireclay farmhouse with protruding lips makes it difficult to clean food particles and dirt. Residues get stuck while cleaning your kitchen counters. The look of the build-up residue is awful and can be a breeding place for germs and molds. A fireclay farmhouse sink without lips will save you the headache.


Sinks come in different sizes. It doesn’t make sense when you buy a fireclay farmhouse sink that’s smaller or larger than its intended location. First, measure the place you want the sink installed to get the sink’s right size to buy.


If you own a large kitchen and a lot happens around the sink, you may need to consider taking a spacious fireclay farmhouse sink. If vice versa, a smaller sink will work out great.


Though all fireclay farmhouse sinks get made from clay, they all come at different prices. The fact that some may be tagged a lower price doesn’t mean that they are of low quality. There could be some extra features added to the sinks that make them pricey. As long as the fireclay farmhouse sink is original and meets your needs and budget, go for it. But if you have the budget, extra features come with added benefits. A modern, fireclay farmhouse sink is worth the investment.


You wouldn’t want a fireclay farmhouse sink that will take ages to reach you from the day of shipment. In the process, it may get damaged, and the time taken to arrive at you may cause you inconveniences. Consider fireclay farmhouse sinks you can easily access, like from the store next door.
With the above tips, you are sure to get the fireclay farmhouse sink of your choice. Despite the above information about the fireclay farmhouse sinks, you may wonder what makes them stand out from the other sink types. Here are the reasons;

Benefits of Having a Fireclay Sink

Fireclay farmhouse sinks have won the hearts of many homeowners around the world due to their many benefits. When installed in rustic kitchens, they look attractive and appealing. But if the rustic look is not your thing, the following other reasons will lure you to choosing a fireclay farmhouse sink.


The material and the process used in making a fireclay farmhouse sink make it very durable. The process entails drying and glazing it using a ceramic glaze, an aspect that makes it serve for many years.


Fireclay farmhouse sinks are non-porous, thanks to the glaze that protects the sink from any stain. It is also a feature to look out for when buying a fireclay farmhouse sink. A porous sink comes with many problems like staining and getting scratched easily.

Lack of Protruding Lips

Cleaning your kitchen’s counters and sink is easy with a sink without lips. The sink’s lips make residue stick between the kitchen’s counter and sink, and cleaning it is like an uphill task. With time, the dirt build-up, making the area messy and smelly. Such an area is also an excellent place for breeding germs, molds, and bacteria.

Easy to Clean

Maintaining a fireclay farmhouse sink is like a piece of cake. You only need to use a sponge and wipe it with a liquid cleaner. You don’t require steel wool or heavy-duty products to maintain the sink’s quality.


If a more rustic look is your thing, then a fireclay farmhouse sink is for you. With its handcrafted design, you will love the look it will have in your kitchen. Besides, it fits in all kitchen styles.


Fireclay farmhouse sinks don’t get scratched. Most activities that happen inside a sink may cause it to scratch. When a sink is scratch-resistant, it is wonderful because it will evade becoming dull as time goes by. Also, scratches make a sink stain easily and become more susceptible to breakage or chipping.


As illustrated above, a fireclay farmhouse sink is essential in our homes. If you haven’t installed it yet in your kitchen or bathroom, you may need to consider it when remodeling.

Despite having a long life span and attributing to a rustic kitchen, a fireclay sink comes with other benefits, as described above. Before purchasing a fireclay farmhouse sink, consider the factors discussed above for optimal results.