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How to Make Protein Shakes in a Blender?

If you’ve ever thought about going serious with your workout – either because of a weight loss journey or you’re training for a sporting event – then you’ve probably heard of protein powder shakes. Even regular grocery stores nowadays carry various brands of protein shakes in their health foods aisle. And if you’ve spent time at the gym, you probably saw some people chugging down what looks like a thick chocolate smoothie.

Now the question is: are protein shakes worth it? Make sure you have your favorite best blender for protein shakes ready because you’ll be making them once you learn their benefits.

Protein shakes are convenient

The most obvious reason why people pick protein shakes is its convenience. Packaged powders in large plastic jars are the most common, but you’ll also find premade protein drinks depending on the store. If your life and workout keep you very busy, you’ll love the convenience of premade drinks.

But the main advantage of protein powders over premade drinks is the amount of control you have. When you’re using a blender for protein shakes, you know what exactly you’re putting in there. You never have to take a manufacturer’s word on the ingredients because you constructed the drink yourself. The downside, of course, is that you have to spend a few minutes blending, not to mention having to wash the appliance later.

Protein powders offer flexibility and freedom

Have you ever followed a recipe, perhaps for dinner or a mixed drink, and decided to deviate a bit by adding or omitting an item or two? If you’ve done that in the past and liked the results, then creating your protein shake is not any different. Want to make your drink thicker or creamier? Use milk or yogurt instead of plain water. Can’t get enough of chocolate? Use chocolate milk instead.

You don’t have to stick to making shakes, either. Depending on the kind of protein powder you have, you can integrate it with your cooking. Chocolate-flavored protein powder goes well as a chocolate dusting on oats, fruits, or even as an additive to baked goods and pastries. And if you wish to add it to savory foods like soups, you can grab a canister of unflavored protein powder.

Protein powders work just as well as meat

Let’s be clear here: protein powders should never be a complete substitute for a healthy diet. Your body still needs the other nutrients from other food sources, so don’t completely abandon them.

At the same time, there’s only so many times you can eat meat, fish, eggs, and beans before you meet your calorie and nutrient goals. Depending on your focus (building muscle, adding mass, etc.), you might find yourself hard-pressed to get enough protein without going against your calorie count.

But for protein powders, that’s not a problem. A scoop alone can contain up to 24 grams of protein, depending on the brand. That’s almost half the daily recommended intake for those who don’t have an exercise regime to follow. Though your specific needs will vary based on what you want to accomplish, 24 grams is a large portion of your daily limits.

To put 24 grams into perspective, that’s equivalent to eating four eggs. If you’re watching your calorie counts, four eggs will set you back about 312 calories (78 calories each), while a scoop of protein powder only takes 120 calories.

Final thoughts

As with any supplement, protein powder shakes must not be used as the sole source of protein. It’s still vital that you get your nutrients from other sources. Instead, use protein shakes as a way to boost your intake without compromising your other goals. Wield its convenience and potency correctly, and you’ll be seeing results in no time.