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The Top Three Reasons Why You Should Choose a Specialty Insurance Company

Insurance company advertisements are everywhere. They tend to pop up in social media feeds, on the radio, and on television. In fact, mainstream insurance companies have some of the most creative and well-loved ad campaigns available on television, which can make it tempting for business owners to contact one of these companies about their company’s general liability insurance needs.

But if you’re the owner of a handyman company, you know that a personal touch is often what turns a good job into a great one. This is why it is always preferable for small businesses to turn to a specialty insurance agency for all their insurance needs. Specialty insurance agencies understand what makes a small business owner unlike anyone else. These companies can address their needs more thoroughly than mainstream insurance companies, as well as offer middleman services between their clients and the best insurance policies on the market.

Here are three specific reasons why you should use a specialty handyman business insurance provider as your trusted insurance agency:

  1. They seek out the best services and benefits for everyone at your company, including business owners.

Good business owners are always on the lookout for ways to serve both their customers and their employees better than they did yesterday. Workers compensation insurance is often a big concern for employers. While they want to ensure that their handyman employees are taken care of, this type of insurance can often cost more than many business owners are willing or able to pay. Working with a specialty general liability provider allows you to agree upon an insurance quote that strikes a balance between your budgetary limits with your employee needs. Usually, this can be accomplished by bundling policies together, which can include auto insurance, general liability coverage, and inland marine. It’s a service that many large insurance companies do not provide on their own.

  1. They provide handyman insurance quotes before setting you up with a policy.

The ability to provide free insurance quotes is a service that many insurance companies offer in their advertisements, but very few of them go to such depths as to consider what sets your business apart from the standards associated with your industry. Specialty insurance providers consider the type of work your company does, the variety of job sites where your work takes place, and the other insurance products that you already have. Thinking about these variables allows general liability providers to come up with a more accurate quote for more accurate coverage before you sign up for an insurance policy.

  1. They understand your line of work and the associated risks.

Even the best mainstream insurance company is not going to understand the multitude of risks associated with handyman insurance coverage. This is not their fault. It is merely due to the fact that they work with a far wider set of clients than a specialty service and they create their standards of service based upon that set. They might not be able to provide accurate proof of coverage, nor may they able to estimate medical costs and bodily injury incidents accurately, or prepare a suitable business auto policy. Working with a general liability company like Contractors Liability gives you the much needed opportunity to work with agents who are seasoned in your area of industry and ready to provide suitable coverage to handyman professionals on a case-by-case basis.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a specialty insurance agency can help your company prosper, call Contractors Liability for a free quote! We’ll make sure your insurance coverage is as good as your insurance cost, and that you’ll never have to pay for what you don’t need – or what you didn’t expect.