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Do Hair Dryers Make A Difference?

When it comes to hairdryers, most people love a good bargain. If there is a cheaper option, they will not turn it down. That is why most people rely on drugstore hair dryer models.

If the inexpensive hair dryer can do the job, why is there a need to spend on more expensive hair dryer models? The truth is, there is a significant difference between a cheap and costly hairdryer.

Spending extra dollars on a hairdryer means that you are protecting your hair from damage, and the dryer will last longer than a cheaper one. So, what is the main difference between a cheap hairdryer and an expensive one?

Cheap VS Expensive Hair Dryers:

The technology used in different hairdryers is what determines whether it will be cheap or expensive. For example, cheap hair dryers models are made with a simple heating system that is harsh to the hair, can over-dry it, and leave it damaged and lifeless.

Hair dryer or any hair tool is essential for your hair because it can damage your hair if you choose the wrong way. Quality tools if good, then you think about the price. Without quality, the price high or low is not the way to get a better hairstyle.

On the other hand, high-end hair dryers come with ceramic technology in their heating system. With this, the hairdryer produces more gentle heat in an even manner that is less likely to damage your hair.

Top-end hair dryers are also built with professional ionic technology. These dryers produce negative ions that neutralize the hair’s positively charged ions. By breaking up the water molecules in your hair, drying it takes a shorter time.

This means that your hair will be exposed to heat for a lesser time minimizing its damage. This is unlike heap hair dryers designed to only blow out hot air to your hair without minding the damages it may cause. If you want to choose a hooded hair dryer, check the list here.

Hairdryers also come in different features that affect their effectiveness. They include;

  • Motors – expensive hair dryers are made with motors that last longer and are quieter. This means that they give less vibration providing more silent operation.
  • Controls – high-end hair dryers come with control of hot, medium, and cool air settings.   With heat control, you will only use the heat that is suitable for your hair.
  • Cord length – a hairdryer with a longer cord will give you more flexibility to maneuver as you blow-dry your hair. You will not be constrained to stick around your power outlet for you to do your hair.

When you want to buy a hair dryer, you need to know which one is better for your hair type. So you need to know what your hair type is, is it thick, fine, curly or other kinds. After that, you must choose the dryer which hair tools are perfect for the type of hair.

With this, you can tell that hairdryers make a difference, and the cheapest option is not the answer. Avoid frying your hair and damaging it rather than drying it while using an inexpensive hair dryer model.