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The Benefits of Shaving with a Safety Razor

Humans always look for something newer and better and we carry a tendency that technology will provide us provide the answer to all of life’s problems. It’s true that a lot of shaving companies are trying to convince us that their newest 3,4,5, or 12 blade cartridge razor will give us the best shave ever. The razors have a space-age handle, specially designed lubricating strip and even a battery-powered vibrating head which are enough to convince us the worth. These features sound great but all you need is to get a close shave with a sharp piece of steel. A safety razor can give you a very smooth shave. When you use a cartridge razor, you subject your face to more pain and misery. They may offer you a decent shave in a short time or they may be convenient but the fact is the more irritation you’ll experience, the more times a blade touches your face. An additional blade multiple the amount of irritation.

A straight safety razor was only the way to shave when men were real men and they were surely better off for it. Then the arrival of King Camp Gillette happened who changed the world of shaving with the Gillette Safety Razor Company in 1901. Gillette found the way to develop the first removal razor blade. Before Gillette, guys used to sharp their forged steel razor blades with a leather strop. But then he developed designed safety razors that were able to hold lightweight stamped steel blades. He made a good profit from these razors and successfully created a continued demand for his company.

Nowadays Gillette’s cartridge razors and the manufacturers are producing products based on the model popularised by K.C Gillette. But they have a lot of unnecessary and unhealthy features which are not good at all. It’s high time that we put an end to this and go back to Gillette’s one good contribution which is the disposable blade safety razor.

Your face doesn’t need any touch of technology. If you want to get the closest, most painless shave, you should go with a safety razor or a straight razor. It doesn’t need turbochargers or vibrators. You may find it badass to shave with a straight razor as it takes more time and patience that many of us will put in. Many men shave their heads with it too.

A Double-edged Sword

Before Gillette made its first appearance, men were okay with using straight steel razors and many of them still use them in The Guys Shaving Club. Things have advanced since then and it’s good to have options. Technology has no place when it comes to shaving but the technological advancement for razor blades is worth the concern. Today’s new breed of removal blade is better from the rest. Titanium steel blades are really super sharp. Though it’s better to have a super cheap but still some brands will cost you only pennies. It will help you to add up huge savings.

Okay, here comes the bad news. They are sharp, they will cut you. But be prepared to bleed a bit at first if you’ve never used a safety razor before. We are only talking about a few nicks so you shouldn’t be discouraged by this. It will only a few shaves to get a handle on the proper technique. You should invest in a quality safety razors with a fixed head and safety bar because these will help shield the blade and prevent cuts.

The Benefits of Shaving with A Safety razor

I’m assuming that now you know the history and the ways to use a safety razor. Now I’ll try to explain why I think that safety razor is so great. Safety razors are the best among all the razors out there to strike the perfect balance between affordability, convenience and shave quality. Double edge safety razors are the best and here are the reasons:

  • The double edge safety razors will provide you the closest shave around. You should get a straight razor to get a better shave.
  • It can virtually eliminate pain, irritation, razor burns, ingrown hairs from your life with patience and a good quality shaving soap or shaving cream. You can use a good pre-shave oil for more lubrication. A single, sharp blade needs one or two passes for a close, smooth shave and you have to put less pressure because of its additional weight. It means you will face less irritation.
  • You can easily get the hang of proper technique rather than the steep learning curve for straight razors.
  • It needs less time to shave with a safety razor than a straight razor. Though it’s even faster to shave with the disposal and cartridge razors the quality of shaving with a safety razor is well worth the extra couple of minutes.
  • It is the cheapest way if you want to shave for the long term.
  • A real man needs only one blade so it’s the way you should do the shaving. I’m not joking. It will make you feel; more manly than shaving with those crappy cartridge razors. A heavy steel razor will make you feel powerful and confident.
  • You can have better control and it will result in a smooth, even shave. It will fit comfortably in your hand and provide a smooth, effortless shave because of the weight and balance of a safety razor as the weight does all the work.

It may feel a little daunting for the first time when you’re entering the world of wet shaving and safety razors. Start it off easy with the best safety razor and some shaving cream to get going. You can practice shaving at a 45-degree angle and you can hopefully matter it in no time. Good luck with your shaving life.