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What To Pack For A Winter Trip Through The US

Whether you are heading up the California Coast, through the Catskills, down Route 66 or on one of the many, many other trips the USA has to offer, you will need to pack correctly. The US contains many different climates and weather idiosyncrasies, so packing for a winter trip means keeping things flexible. Here are a few “must-pack” items for a trip through the US this winter.

Proper Footwear

Once it gets really cold outside, you are going to immediately feel your body heat leaving from your feet, and to make matters worse, you could get frostbitten in your feet. If you are traveling during the wintertime, you must therefore make sure to have the proper footwear. Make sure to get footwear that will completely cover you feet, made of heavy-enough material to keep your feet warm. The shoe materials should also keep your dry in wet conditions – on a winter trip, lightweight canvas shoes won’t cut it.

Another aspect of proper footwear is the amount of traction that you have. Some shoes – especially some of the trendier boots out there, with high price tags – give very little or no traction, and are quite hazardous to wear in slippery conditions. If you are going on a winter trip, don’t fall for buying trendy boots. Go functional.

Proper Clothing

You must pack comfortable travel clothes if you are planning on going on a winter vacation. Think long and hard about the materials that your clothing should be made out of. Merino wool is a great fabric to wear because it stays clean, feels warm and properly vents air, in addition to being the most comfortable travel clothes for men on the market.

You should also think about the styles of clothing you take – after all, everyone wants to look good on vacation. For example, if a piece of clothing feels really good but isn’t very stylish, you may want to hold off on buying it and put your money into something that ticks off both boxes.

Waterproof Stuff

If you are packing for a winter trip through America, you are going to want to keep dry. Even if you bundle up, there is no guarantee the wet weather won’t get you. This is why you should pack items and pieces of clothing that will keep your dry.

Pack a variety of different items – don’t just pack umbrellas, because umbrellas sometimes break, or are rendered useless when stormy weather hits. You should pack long raincoats or rain ponchos, and place your belongings in plastic bags so that if it rains, none of your things will get soaked.

Snacks and Water

Snacks and water are must-have amenities when you are packing for any sort of situation. They are especially crucial when you are packing for winter travel, since you never know when a storms or inclement weather will keep you indoors. It’s always a good idea, therefore, to have at least a two-day supply of non-perishable food.

America is a vast and beautiful country, but in order to see it the right way, you need to be prepared. Follow these packing tips and always remember to ask directions if you get lost.