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7 Easy Ways to Save Time When Visiting Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the busiest places you will visit, even if your trip there is scheduled during the off season. From lines for museums and busy restaurants to crowded buses and busy roads, Amsterdam brings, beside the amazing experiences and places to visit, a lot of opportunities to waste time, so you should make sure that you’re planning everything ahead in order not to spend too much time on things you can manage in advance. Here’s our list of 7 easy ways to save time when visiting Amsterdam.

1.Book in advance

One of the best ways to save time when visiting this amazing city is to book everything in advance. Buy a day ticket for bus transportation, book an Amsterdam airport transfer and make sure you’re all set to reach your destination safely and fast with trustworthy airport taxi services Amsterdam and in this way, your journey will go smoothly and with no interruptions. 

2.Make reservations

The city center in Amsterdam is impressive, but also well preserved. This means that restaurants and cafes have a small capacity, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy nice meals, drinks and evenings there with your loved ones. By making a reservation, you’re all set for enjoying Amsterdam seated at an open table.

3. Pay in cash

Amsterdam is rich in small shops and grocery stores and usually, credit cards are not accepted there. In order to avoid having to walk a long way to find a shop which will accept your credit card, make sure you carry small amounts of money that will let you pay easier and faster.

4. Ride a bike

Busy city, busy roads. If you want to visit Amsterdam at rush hours or during weekend, you will be surprised to see that trams and buses as not as frequent as you might have imagined. Instead, try renting a bike during your stay. It’s not only a cheap alternative, but it’s also healthy and it gives you the chance to admire the view while exercising.

5. Use kiosks

Kiosks are unique in Amsterdam, as they offer, beside the local products, a lot of services. From bus tickets to drinks and snacks, you can purchase anything from there- for a fair price. It makes you save a lot of trouble and time.

6. Experience the Dutch food and drinks

Instead of walking miles to reach to your favorite chain of food, try tasting the local food and drinks. Amsterdam has real deals when it comes to food and you will get the chance to experience new tastes if you choose the falafel shops, the fresh orange juice or the fries stands.

7. Visit Anne Frank late

As one of the most famous tourist attractions in Amsterdam, Anne Frank museum is really crowded during the day. The good news is that it is open in the evening, as well, so you can try admiring the exhibits at 10 p.m. as well.

With these tips in your pocket, you’ll make the best out of your Amsterdam experience. Make sure your journey is well organized and you’ll have all the time in the world to enjoy this piece of Netherlands.