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Key factors to Consider When Buying Cookware

If you are going on a cookware shopping spree, be prepared to get ultra confused with so many different types of cookware options available in the market. Unless you are a culinary expert, it is very easy to pick up the wrong cookware set. There are quite a few factors that need to be considered when picking up cookware to prepare food. Here are a few important things that you should consider when buying cookware.


Cookware can be expensive and of course, there is not going to be a single set that you will be buying because you will need different types of cookware for different cooking needs. For that reason, it is very important to consider how much you are willing to spend on your cookware and plan accordingly after factoring it a few other important considerations.

Cooktop Compatability

Many amateur cooks are not aware of the fact that cooktop compatibility is very important to consider when choosing cookware. Most people do not know that not every cookware works well with every cooktop. That is because gas, electric and induction cooktops use entirely different kinds of energy to generate heat. Cookware designed to work best on a gas stove might completely fail to function on an induction top and vice versa. Therefore consider the type of cooktop that is installed in your house and pick up cookware accordingly.

Microwave Compatibility

Cooktops are not the only equipment used for cooking purposes. Often cookware is used with microwave ovens in order to quick certain recipes. However, not every cookware is compatible with microwave ovens. In fact, using noncompatible cookware with microwave ovens can be dangerous since it can cause your cookware to cause a spark or even an explosion. Make sure you check the compatibility instructions if you intend to use something in a microwave oven.

Heat Conductivity

Heat conductivity decides how well and how quickly the cookware will heat up and how heat will be transferred through the food. The better the conductivity, the more evenly heat will be spread out through your food. Cookware is available in different materials and each material has a different conductivity to heat. However, if you are looking for a set with the highest heat conductivity, then copper cookware sets will be your best bet.

Health Hazards

Thanks to globalization, you will readily find some low priced Chinese cookware that looks pretty and yet it is super cheap in terms of price. If you feel tempted to buy these sets, make sure to check they do not have any potential health hazards. For example, you will find many plastics and melamine cookware that is not BPA free and it can be hazardous to health when heated. Likewise, non-stick cookware should be checked for health and safety too because certain types of non-stick coating can be very harmful to health.

Dishwasher Safe

The logic of microwave oven compatibility is also applicable when using cookware with dishwashers. Some cookware pieces are not dishwasher friendly and therefore it is important to check for compatibility if you are not willing to wash them manually.