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A Fresh, Inviting Home Never Has Pests

All the work you put into interior decor and cleanliness can be undone the instant a guest notices a pest. Suddenly, the style and vibe of the space are forgotten, and only the cockroach exists in people’s minds.

This nightmare scenario can happen to anybody unless they hire professional pest control experts. However, not all services are the same. Here’s what to look for to keep your home fresh and inviting this fall.

Strong, Custom Chemicals

The best GTA and Toronto pest control experts create their own custom pest control chemicals, which aren’t available at hardware stores. Unlike the blends you can find on store shelves, these chemicals will work more effectively because the ingredients are combined using a specialist’s knowledge.


Just because the compounds they use are deadly to pests doesn’t mean they’re harmful to pets! Leading exterminators give you the best of both worlds: chemicals that wipe out an infestation at the source while being totally pet-friendly.

Be sure to look for a company that uses Health Canada-approved chemicals so you know they’re also safe for the environment. A chemical blend that is both tough and soft where you want it to be hits all the right notes.

Comprehensive Services

Hiring a company to wipe out an infestation is essential, but by then, people have already seen a pest breach your home’s perimeter and, accordingly, got grossed out. It’s better to arrange for a Home Protection Plan that stops critters from getting inside in the first place.

First, they’ll do an in-depth inspection of your home’s exterior for any existing critters or infestation. If they find any, they’ll do a treatment to get rid of them and a preventative treatment so they don’t return.

In the very rare case that a pest is found there again, they’ll wipe them out for free. Approaching pest control pre-emptively helps you feel peace of mind right from the start. The only thing better than knowing a pest infestation is gone for good is preventing one from ever occurring.

Friendly, Local Technicians

Finally, you don’t want to let just anybody into your home. For professional, friendly, and respectful technicians, it’s great to consult a smaller local business. 

Owners of such companies have personal relationships with all their technicians and can vouch for how they behave on the job. They’ll show up on time, remove their shoes in your home, and be kind and courteous throughout the procedure.

You may feel a little icky after espying a roach, bedbug, rat, or mouse in your home. Getting even more creeped out by the person tasked with fixing this problem is the last thing you’ll need.

A home is a person’s sacred place of refuge. They need to feel secure and comfortable there, which can be difficult after pests breach the peace. Call a professional pest control service that ticks off all the above boxes, and your home will stay cozy, fresh, and inviting this autumn.