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Make Your Partner Smile With These Four Gifts

Sometimes it can be difficult to think of the perfect gift for your partner. After being together for so many years, you might be fresh out of ideas. Or maybe you just recently got with your partner and you are trying to think of the ultimate gift for them. If you are looking for the perfect gift, then a Cuban chain is one of the best. Alternatively, if they’re in love with books, then maybe purchasing a custom library stamp from the library of to protect their books can also go a long way in showing your appreciation. This chain is so versatile, and can elevate your partner’s look. It comes in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and styles. This makes it easy to shop based on your partner’s outfits and personality. The Cuban chain gained its popularity in the 1970s and has been trending ever since then. It’s worn by some of the most famous celebrities, including top artists like Drake, DJ Khaled, and Snoop Dogg. You will find actors and influencers rocking this chain to complete their whole look. Gifting your partner this chain will show that you only give the best gifts, and that will make them smile.

What sets it Apart?

A cuban chain is easy to tell apart from other chains. It is a type of cable link chain that has oval links intersecting in a rope-like pattern. The oval links give it its unique look that makes it stand out from the rest. The standard Cuban chain has variations of its own that make the perfect gift for your partner.

Talking about great gifts, have you wondered about giving them a maxie teddy bear? Too juvenile? Will they be shocked, or laugh it out? Or, will they love it? Why not find out.

The classic Cuban Chain

You can’t go wrong with the classic style. If your partner wants a timeless piece that tastefully compliments an outfit, then the original chain is a great option. The classic comes in gold or silver, and is made up of small to large oval links. A smaller chain is a nice piece to polish off a look. It can be worn with a basic tee or sweater. Many times, people enjoy layering a few small to medium chains to add some more dimension. They also layer great with a custom pendant or another one of your partner’s favorite necklaces. A larger chain can easily be worn on its own or also layered with different sizes of chains. With the classic chain, there is a lot of flexibility in what to wear it with. 

The connell Chain

Even simpler than the classic chain is the connell chain. The chain links are much smaller than the other variations of the Cuban chain. For example, you can get the connell chain with a width of two millimeters, whereas the classic comes in widths of four to twelve millimeters. It’s great for wearing on its own with a t-shirt. Because of its smaller links, it’s nice to have a connell chain for the option to layer it with other necklaces. Your partner might enjoy this chain for a simple standalone piece or another way to layer their current necklaces.

The figaro Chain

The figaro chain has its own pattern of oval links. It has groups of smaller oval links that are separated by a larger oval link. With this change in pattern, the figaro chain brings a new and fresh texture to the necklace game. It’s possible your partner already has chains with the classic oval look. If that is the case, then the figaro chain is a great way to break up the usual pattern with a different variation.

The wheat Chain

If you want even more variation in texture and pattern, the wheat chain offers that. It has more of a weaved pattern as opposed to clearly shaped ovals. Simply put, it’s a staple piece that is necessary for polishing off every look.

Make it a Set

Chains are an easy way to make your partner smile. By adding a Cuban bracelet to match the chain, your partner will rock a confident look that will turn heads. The Cuban, figaro, and wheat chains all can be paired with a matching bracelet. A matching set may be the best gift you could give your partner to make them smile.

What to look for in Chains

Of course, when buying chains, you want to get good quality jewelry. Choosing chains that are made with at least 18k gold or premium 316L stainless steel will keep them always looking new. With better material, the chains are water, heat, and sweat resistant. This means that discoloring and tarnishing won’t happen no matter how much the chains are worn. Buying quality chains is necessary for rocking that polished look your partner is going for. That way, your partner can wear it during the heat of summer, in the shower, or even while working out. And they won’t have to worry about the necklace losing its shine. 

Ideal gifts for your Partner

Finding the perfect gift for your partner can be tough. Try giving your partner a variety of chains to make them smile. Depending on their style and personality, you can give them a classic chain, a connell chain, a figaro chain, or a wheat chain. Better yet, pair the chains with a matching bracelet. Your partner will never forget this gift that you gave them.