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How to Select The Best Night Light For Your Toddler

Nighttime can be very tough for your young child. The prospect of being left alone in the dark is one that makes them scared more than you could imagine. Because the child is very imaginative, there is no telling what tricks their mind can play on them. Luckily, the problem is a very easy one to solve.

Children, especially toddlers, are not scared of the night, but rather scared of being left alone in the dark. When you put them to bed, you would immediately turn off the lights to allow them to sleep better, but this is something they may not appreciate. If a light could be on, they would not be so afraid of the dark again. But you don’t want them gazing at a bright light when they should be sleeping. The perfect solution to that would be to use a night light.

A night light is a type of controlled lamp that gives off a soft light, bright enough for your child to feel like they are not alone. The light from it is not as harsh as the one from a light bulb, rather it is cool, giving a soft controlled light. That best night light for toddlers is what it may take for your kid to start getting accustomed to the dark. If you have not considered getting one for your child, you should now.

Two Of The Main Reasons Why Your Child Needs A Night Light Are

  1. It will help them sleep better at night and get used to being left alone. With time, they may even start switching off the night light before they sleep.
  2. It will help you with your routine checks to the room, providing you with light so you do not stumble or miss your footing.

Although night lights are primarily for your toddler’s room, they can also be used to light stairways and corridors.

Now that you are interested in a nightlight, how do you buy one for your toddler? With so many brands and types in the market, picking a night light may be very tough as you are faced with a plethora of options.

We have prepared some of the key features to look out for in a night light before buying

1. Design

This is the first thing to look out for. Night lights are designed in ways to make them seem toddler-friendly, it includes making them in the shape and form of animals, or including cartoon drawings to them. For this, you may have to seek your toddler’s opinion as a design that they love will get their attention and get the job done.

The design also includes the size and weight of the light. You would not like something that is very heavy or takes too much space

2. Placement

This would be another thing to consider. Some night lights would require you to place them on a table near the crib while you can keep others on the bed with the child. If this is something you would like to consider, it is best to know possible places beforehand where you can put the night light.

3. Power Source

Some night lights use electricity to function, requiring it to be plugged to an outlet, while others make do with batteries that you have to recharge or replace. The ones you plug in will have wires which may not be ideal around teenagers, but they would be on all night compared to the ones that run on battery which may die in the night due to low battery. Although the ones with batteries are more mobile.

4. Brightness

How bright the light will be is another thing to consider when you are buying a night light. A night light is designed to help your baby sleep, rather than keep them up all night. A night light with a very bright glow could distract your baby or even hurt their eyes. Look for something with a soft light.

5. Remote Control

Some night lights have apps you can use along with them. The app allows you to control the lamp, without you having to go there. You could control the sound and lights from the app screen. This can be very convenient as it saves you the need of having to go to the child’s room to make adjustments, you can now do it on the app.

6. Sound Feature

The best nightlight for toddlers comes with a sound feature that plays soothing music or white noise to put your baby in a sleeping mood. The music is usually calm and can help alter your child’s mood, putting them to sleep faster than normal.

These are some of the key features a night light should have. Other features may include projection, automatic on and off, and lighting modes. Some of the best night light for toddlers include the Hatch Baby Rest Night Light, VaVa Night Light, and Gro-Light. Just pay attention to the features above to choose a good product.

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