Sunday, April 18, 2021

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These Jewelry Trends Will Be Huge In 2021

Just like clothing, jewelry trends constantly evolve, and what’s old can be hot again in a blink of an eye. This year was all about minimalism and classic jewelry looks, and people have been wearing delicate earrings, stacked rings, chain necklaces and simple anklets. Early 2000 trends have also become quite popular this fall, as name hoop earrings, such as those worn by the titular character in Netflix’s Emily in Paris, have become in demand once more. But for next year, style watchers predict that glamorous and ostentatious accessories will be highly popular among fashionistas all over the world. To refresh and update your look, check out these jewelry trends that will be huge in 2021.

Gem encrusted cocktail rings

We’ve all seen how celebrities and Instagrammers have favored stacked rings over the recent years. But in 2021, it is predicted that everyone will be sporting statement rings such as a gold or gem encrusted cocktail ring. This type of accessory is not only a great conversation starter, but it will draw attention to your hands, especially if you wear it on your index finger. If you choose a gem or diamond studded chunky ring, keep it looking nice and sparkly by cleaning it only with jeweler-approved cleaning products that will remove dirt without damaging the stones. Also, whether you’re wearing a ring that’s encrusted with real diamonds or faux ones, remember to be extra careful to avoid dislodging any of the gems. For added drama, pair the chunky cocktail ring with another statement piece, such as a wide cuff bracelet in the same metal.

Multi-use jewelry

Multipurpose jewelry is expected to be highly popular as more people will be taking a closer look at what they already have in their jewelry collection and wearing it in a different way. Expect fashionistas to wear their chunky necklaces as a headpiece, a bracelet, or a ponytail holder. Long necklaces will be worn as body chains, or looped around the upper arm and worn as a delicate cuff. Meanwhile, jeweled brooches will be worn as hair clips or as necklace pendants.

Shoulder duster earrings

Over the past two years, the curated ear has been an ongoing trend, and people often sport multiple ear piercings to show off their dainty earring collection. But next year, instead of wearing multiple ear jewelry, women will be wearing just one pair of statement earrings that are known as shoulder dusters. These earrings were named as such as they extend down low so they reach the top of the shoulders, and they can be anything from delicate silver or gold chains that end in a single pearl drop, or more elaborate, chandelier-like creations that can dress up the most basic outfit. Choose a lightweight pair if you intend to wear this earring style, as wearing overly heavy earrings can result in torn earlobes. Alternatively, wear an earlobe support patch behind your ears to take away some of the stress from the piercing.

Functional jewelry, as well as bold pieces, are expected to be a hit next year among jewelry enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals. Include some of these pieces in your collection and see how they can spice up your look in 2021.

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