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Top 10 Useful Gift Ideas Of 2020-21

Buying people a gift can be a difficult proposition.

It’s really difficult to pick out a present that will actually be used. But there are useful gifts out there that your friends and family will enjoy. Here’s our gift guide to the top 10 useful gift ideas this year.

1. Coffee or Tea Accessories

No matter your preference in caffeinated beverages, there are tons of useful and cute accessories to purchase for all your loved ones. For example, custom stainless steel tumblers, mug, cold brew maker,  is a great, practical gift for your friend that likes cold drinks all year round.

A desktop cup heater can keep your beverage warm as you work, all day long. And of course, there are themed mugs out there for everyone in your life.

2. Phone Products

Everyone is constantly on the hunt for an extra phone charger or portable battery. A wireless charger is just one of many practical gifts your friends will love this year. A smartphone sanitizer will keep your family members disease-free.

You can get special camera attachments for the influencer in your life. Those are just a few examples of phone accessories that your friends and family will love. There are many other options out there to suit everyone you know — just keep an eye out!

3. Star Name Registry

Have you wished upon a star recently?

One gift people always love is getting a star named in their honor. It’s a great feeling, having such a big part of our universe named for yourself. They’ll also give you interesting information about your star and space in general. You can learn more about the star registry at the Star Name registry website.

4. Gift Cards

They may not be exciting, but gift cards are a useful gift for anyone on your list. You can buy one for someone’s favorite restaurant or department store, and they’ll always appreciate it.

If you’re shopping for someone you don’t know as well, you can also choose gift cards from more basic places, like a grocery store or an electronics chain. They can use the gift card for the book they’re been waiting for, this month’s hottest video game, or a nice meal out.

The possibilities are endless! You can also buy gift cards that can be used at many different places if you really don’t know what someone would be interested in.

5. Liquor and Accessories

As long as your recipient drinks alcohol, you can’t go wrong with some of the drink! Unlike food, which is usually perishable and can risk allergies, alcohol keeps.

Even if your loved one isn’t a fan of the particular liquor you chose, its still great for a mixer or useful for cooking or parties.

Cocktail kits are one great option, as are different shakers, fancy whiskey ice cubes, insulated rocks glasses, novelty wine glasses, and more. For the readers in your life, you can buy cocktail recipe books or cookbooks that pair their favorite beverage with the ideal meal options.

You do need to be sure, however, that the person you’re giving the gift to isn’t sober or a teetotaller. If the person you’re giving to doesn’t drink, pick something else from this list of best possible gifts!

6. Bath and Beauty Kits

Every woman in the world has a supply of fancy soaps – which are great in case of an emergency. Bath and beauty baskets may seem silly, but they’re great for people who like to try a lot of different scents and textures.

A selection of face sheet masks is always a good option, as are bath bombs, scented candles, quartz rollers, and so much more! The cuter the packaging, the better the gift — and better yet, they are always useful!

7. Cozy Things

Everyone, no matter what they say, loves cuddly items. Blankets, pillows, slippers are great gifts that will get a ton of use without costing a lot of money or risking people not liking them.

And, they’re available all over the place — even most major book stores sell many different throw blankets and cute robes. You can even get thermal blankets for people who live in chillier climates. Or, you can get onesies for your whole family — so you can all stay warm and cozy while matching!

8. Games, Games, Games

Games are always a good option when you run out of ideas. They can be saved for a party or a rainy day, and don’t take up too much space.

There are many different types of novelty card games, like Cards Against Humanity, that are tons of fun and useful distractions.

There are hundreds of board games out there with many different novelty interests for everyone in your life to enjoy. You can even try puzzles for the strategy lover in your life! And they come in themes to suit everyone in your life, from history lovers to pop culture nerds to science enthusiasts. There is fun out there for all of your friends and family members!

9. Subscription Boxes

If you know someone’s general interests and hobbies, it’s pretty easy to find a subscription box that will suit them.

Are they a beauty lover? There’s a ton of subscription boxes for them. Do they love art? There are dozens more!

There is no shortage of options out there for every person you’ll need to buy a gift for this year. Socks, books, CBD products, pop culture, and more — there’s really a box for everyone you could think of.

10. Headphones

Most people out there are constantly losing or breaking their headphones. Get your loved ones great headphones that are water resistant or have GPS, and they’ll hold onto them at least a little bit longer than average!

There are many different types to fit your loved one’s needs, and they come in a wide range of different prices, colors, and materials.

Just make sure you get a gift receipt, in case your loved one is pickier than you expected!

More Useful Gifts

These aren’t the only useful gifts you can get for your loved ones — there are many other examples out there. But, these are some of the top gifts you can get for your friends and family that they will actually use.

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