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Things You Should Know Before Hiring an Elevated Work Platform

What is an Elevated Work Platform?

An elevated work platform (EWP) is a device that temporarily provides access for equipment and people to inaccessible areas because of heights. Other terms that refer to it are the cherry picker, aerial device, and mobile elevating works programs (MEWP). Unlike the elevators in use permanently, EWPs provide quick access to operations such as constructions or maintenance work and are ideal for firefighters in case of emergencies. They come with additional features such as specialist equipment like frames for carrying window glass and electrical outlets for power tools.

Factors To Put Into Consideration

It is essential to hire an ideal elevating work platform that upholds top-notch safety in their services. A wrong EWP endangers people`s lives by increasing the risks related to working with heights. Ensure you consider the following factors before applying for EWP services.

The type of EWP you need: There are two common types of lifts; scissor lifts and boom lifts. Scissor lifts have a design that enables them to move vertically without rotating or telescoping. They have a defined rising mechanism that works by linking folding support in a criss-cross X pattern. Scissor lifts effectively provide services such as building maintenance, repairing lights and applying to clad. They can safely accommodate an operator`s tool in the platform while raised.

On the other hand, boom lifts are hinged, telescoped, articulated or a combination of those mentioned above. They operate by supporting a basket or platform that elevates materials and personnel to work. Boom lifts are more effective than scissor lifts because of their ability to reach areas at an angle by articulating around obstructions.

The surface of operation: The condition of the construction area, whether flat, smooth or uneven, is a crucial consideration. It enables you to make an ideal selection of the type of EWP for your operations. Balanced and smooth surfaces found indoors are well suited by small wheels electric scissor lifts. Uneven terrain and rough surfaces, mainly in outdoor environments, are effectively run using boom lifts and larger diesel scissor lifts with oscillating axles and oversized tyres.

Indoor or outdoor operations: The safety organizations and manufacturers outline strict operational guidelines on how high a unit`s platform can safely rise depending on a combination of load weight, operating conditions and several occupants. Safe raised height units vary depending on the area of operation. Outdoor operations use smaller specified safe loads than indoor operations because of the impacts of weather conditions.

Licensing of the operators: An authorized operator should have an EWPA industry Yellow Card to prove their legitimacy in their operations. The cards are valid for five years, and their renewal is through the completion of a physical or online refresher knowledge course. An HRW WP license is a requirement for operations with boom lifts with heights above 11m.

Importance Of Hiring An Elevated Work Platform

Ensure you apply for a reputable elevated work platform company such as Aust Access Hire through physical contact or online. All operators and owners should familiarize themselves with the way an Elevated Work Platform operates. The knowledge will help them avoid common mistakes such as hitting objects, overturning, and overloading the unit.

Hiring EWP saves you money and time because the hiring company runs the operations and maintains the device. It will save you the hassle of looking for secure storage space when not in use since you can send it back to the hiring company. Regular maintenance and testing by the hiring company guarantee your efficient operations. Besides, you get training on operating the device and tips on how to plan your project.

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