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7 Best Ideas for Do It Yourself Bathroom Remodels

You’ve gone through the lengthy process of either house searching, closing on the house, waiting to gather the necessary budget or a mixture of all three.
Now it’s time for the part of homeownership that you’ve been looking forward to most: remodeling.

Few places are more important for remodeling than the bathroom. In fact, you’re likely to average almost two hours a week in the washroom. Wowza!

Needless to say, you’ll want it to be a place of comfort, cleanliness, and a sleek new look. Fortunately, there are several do it yourself bathroom remodels for you to choose from.

Here are several ideas for you to brainstorm as you begin this remodeling adventure!

1. Walk-In Shower

Who doesn’t hope to one day have a walk-in shower with glass doors that keep all the running water where it’s supposed to be (unlike the dreaded shower curtains)?

The walk-in shower idea alone will separate your bathroom from where it was previously, but why stop there?

Think through all the ways you can differentiate it further. Things such as a beautiful stone backsplash, shower shape, and rain shower head can heighten the experience that much more.

All your guests will beg to take a shower in your personal bathroom just to see the shower in action.

2. Floor Tiles

Many people have made the mistake of having carpet flooring in a bathroom. It’s much more common than you’d think.

Regardless of what flooring you currently have in your bathroom, is a bathroom remodel ever fully complete without new tiles? Didn’t think so.

The choices are nearly endless as to what type of tiles you want to install.

You can choose from vinyl tiles, ceramic tiles, glass tiles, linoleum tiles, stone tiles… you get the idea.

Not sure what type of tiles will achieve the overall look you’re going for? If so, this bathroom remodeling company can help you figure it out!

3. Sinks

The piece de resistance of any modernized bathroom: the sinks that you choose.
There are several different options to choose from, most of which can be a valuable complement to the vibe you’re trying to set.

Maybe you’re interested in integrating his and hers sinks for the bathroom in you and your spouse’s bedroom.

Perhaps you want to place things like under-mount sinks, console sinks, vessel sinks, or even wall hung sinks. Regardless of which one you go with, it will separate your bathroom in a way that’s otherwise unobtainable.

4. Paint

With great power comes great responsibility. In other words… the paint colors that you choose will set the main vibe of your remodeled bathroom. Choose carefully.
In fact, if there’s a tone that you’re going for, be sure to do some research on the color psychology behind any colors you’re interested in using.

For example, if you’re looking for a bathroom color to energize you every morning, then you might want to consider yellow (optimism) or red (excitement).

But if you’re wanting to set the tone of a quiet, calming bathroom vibe, then green (peaceful) or grey (calm) might suit you best.

Not only the walls can be considered for a paint job. In fact, applying a new coat to your current cabinets may help you save a boatload of cash. It can help give the cabinetry a new look without replacing it. Wouldn’t that be divine?!

5. Cabinets

One thing that most DIY bathroom remodelers overlook is the storage (or lack thereof) that they plan for their future design.

Not having proper cabinets will leave the bathroom looking dull and empty, even after all the other hard work you placed into it.

There’s a lot to consider when customizing your cabinets. Ask yourself questions such as how much storage do you want? What color should the cabinets be? Where can you optimize your storage in the planned layout?

The layout of storage needs to be accessible, yet out-of-the-way. Depending on the size and shape of your bathroom, that may be easier said than done.

6. Counter Tops

Who doesn’t appreciate a beautiful countertop? You could make the argument that it’s the piece that sets the sophistication most for your bathroom.

Not to mention all of the options you have available to you such as granite, marble, laminate, composite, concrete, tile, etc. You have a veritable amount to choose from.

However, be careful not to divulge too much of your remodeling budget to the countertops as many people make the mistake of doing.

Instead, opt for other ways to get the type of countertop you want at a cheaper price such as buying granite or marble slabs with cracks in them.

7. Lighting

Fixing the lighting will dramatically change the perception of your bathroom. Not to mention, it’s relatively cheap to install.

Opt for white LED lighting to give your new washroom a healthy and clean look over the yellow eggshell lighting of old.

Not only that, but consider the different styles of lights that you can place into your bathroom such as lamps, wall lights, beams, etc.

These items can all be as fancy or as modernized as you want them to be to compliment your bathroom’s major features. Sometimes it’s the little things that separate a remodeling the most.

Consider All of These Do It Yourself Bathroom Remodels

While all of this can be a bit overwhelming, here’s the beauty of it: you can choose to use or not use as many of these do it yourself bathroom remodels as you wish.

Using a few of them can maximize your remodel and turn that old washroom into the bathroom of your dreams.

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