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Ways To Take Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle To The Next Level

Record-breaking storms, extreme weather, brush fires, droughts, crop reduction, and the rapid development (and resurgence) of life-threatening viruses are the unfortunate result of modern-day living and the disregard for its environmental impact. The worst part is it’s only the tip of the iceberg if we don’t work together to reduce our carbon footprint, conserve natural resources, and save the planet. 

As more people become environmentally conscious, the desire to do what they can to make a difference has increased. Most people begin with basic green practices like recycling, reducing food waste, installing energy-efficient lights and appliances, and weatherizing their homes, but this is only the beginning. 

Taking Things Up A Notch

When you consider that every aspect of your life contributes (in some way) to the deterioration of the environment, you’ll find plenty of ways to cut back and make a difference. Continue reading for suggestions. 

Buy Eco-Friendly Clothing

Everyone loves to look good, but you might think twice when you realize that the clothing industry accounts for approximately 10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Opting for sustainable fashions helps to reduce air pollution and water waste; it also conserves energy and protects animal life. Eco-friendly fashions like sustainable socks are made from organic materials free from dyes and other harmful chemicals that provide you with the quality and style you want while protecting the planet. 

Reduce Car Usage

Cars have provided us with a modern-day convenience that we couldn’t imagine ourselves living without. However, a typical 4-passenger vehicle emits approximately 4.6 metric tons of greenhouse gases yearly. While there are electric cars designed to reduce emissions, the manufacturing process, battery toxicity, and energy consumption still pose risks. Ultimately, it is best to consider walking, bike riding, carpooling, or using public transportation whenever possible. 

Eat Less Meat

While being vegetarian or vegan may not be ideal for everyone, reducing your meat consumption can save the planet. Meat production is one of the most destructive processes to the environment. Shipping packaged meat to the produce section requires massive amounts of water, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Buying locally, opting for manufacturers that use sustainable practices, and reducing your meat portions (or opting for meatless days), can save money, help the environment, and improve your health. If you’re a bit skeptical about eating less meat, you can try plenty of delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes. Learn a new meatless recipe and incorporate it into your weekly meal plan. As you learn more dishes, you’ll find that it’s easier to prepare nutritious meatless meals every day. 

Shop Sustainable Products And Services

Consumers have more power than they realize. When you make demands, businesses have no choice but to shift gears to remain successful. So, why not use your purchasing power to protect the environment? Whether you need groceries, clothes, household appliances, big-ticket items, or services, opt for sustainable brands. By shopping with eco-friendly companies, you ultimately force other establishments to fall in line or get left behind. 

Demand More From Politicians

Changing the substantial deterioration of the environment requires more than individual participation. Local, federal, and international leaders must develop policies and infrastructures to protect the lives of their citizens and the planet. The government is supposed to serve their communities and provide the best quality of life by meeting their basic needs. 

As a US citizen, you have a say in how your government leads. Write letters, join petitions, attend town halls, volunteer with an advocacy group, and, most importantly, vote. The more your voice is heard, the harder it becomes for government officials to overlook the need to advance environmentally-friendly practices. 

You can’t exist in the modern world without seeing the substantial damage society has caused the earth. These issues will only worsen if we don’t take action soon. While there’s nothing wrong with starting with basic green living practices, taking things a step further is essential to saving the planet.