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5 Types of Events You Can Host at a Movie Theater

Movie theaters are gaining popularity as the go-to venue for various kinds of events. With private cinema hire, companies, organizations, families, and individuals will have the perfect setting for nearly any type of affair or gathering they want to throw.

A movie theater has everything you need to host a successful event: a large HD screen, excellent surround sound system, and comfy chairs. If you need to make a presentation, you will get assistance with hooking up your laptop to the projector and use online platform like CB01 for online movies. You can use a microphone as well if you need one.

Additionally, a movie theater is spacious enough to accommodate the number of guests you have. They will also have quick access to clean restrooms and other facilities.

In addition, food can be served during the affair, which can be supplied by the concessionaire. If you want to have the event catered, you can arrange something with the cinema staff.

Because of these benefits, your guests will be fully comfortable and won’t lack for anything throughout the whole event.

Another advantage of choosing a cinema for your event venue is that it is cost-efficient. If you are hosting a small party, you will find renting a movie theater more affordable than hiring a hall or meeting room in a hotel or restaurant.

Events You Can You Host at the Cinemas

Below are some of the types of events you can throw at a cinema near you:

1. Corporate Meetings

Meeting rooms are the default venues for gatherings of company managers, heads, and small corporate teams. Although these places set the right stage for a formal, information-filled event, a movie theater can provide the same.

With the large screen, you won’t have difficulties capturing and maintaining the attention of your attendees. Additionally, since a movie theater tends to feel less stuffy, your guests will likely participate and engage more.

If you choose the right cinema, your attendees will also enjoy luxury leather seating, delectable gourmet food, and incredible beverage options. With these extras, no one will ever feel forced to attend your corporate meetings.

2. Product Launch

Videos are part of product launches. During this type of event, you will show explainer or how-to videos to introduce your new merchandise and why consumers should purchase them.

Hosting your next product launch in a cinema is an excellent option since the big screen and top-notch sound quality will ensure you have a captive audience as you show your videos.

When you have your guests’ full attention, you will have a more receptive audience. As a result, they will understand your product and its benefits better. This will be a great start to introducing your new merchandise to the market.

3. Charitable Events

A film screening is a fantastic way to raise funds or awareness for a cause or group.

You can arrange with a local movie theater to show a documentary or film that shares a message you want more people to know about. At the end of the screening, raise a challenge to the attendees to encourage them to join your cause.

If you want to help a particular group or institution, find out from the movie theater if you can arrange a fundraising event for a special advance screening of a popular film. With the right marketing strategy, you will achieve your target goal.

4. Birthday Parties

A movie birthday party is one of the freshest birthday celebration ideas today. Kids will love watching a film on their special day while snacking on their favorite theater fare.

You can also bring in a birthday cake so that the celebrant can blow out the candle and enjoy a complete celebration.

Movie birthday parties are perfect for adults as well. Your loved one or prized employee will have a memorable time enjoying a private screening of the latest Hollywood blockbuster film with their family or co-workers.

Throw in some tasty snacks and a variety of beverages to choose from, and this occasion will be one of the highlights of their year.

5. Holiday Parties

Lastly, end the year with a bang by hosting the annual Christmas party at a movie theater.

Hire a theater and work with the staff to decorate it with holiday ornaments. Arrange a caterer to serve Christmas-themed or inspired dishes, snacks, and beverages to get everyone into the spirit.

To complete the experience, find out if the cinema can show a holiday favorite such as “Elf” or “Home Alone.” If this is not possible, check if they can arrange a screening of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” since it will be coming out this December. You will give your employees something else to remember from this year’s Christmas bash.

Hosting these events will only be possible if you choose the right boutique cinema. As such, contact and visit different movie theaters first and look for the one with the best facilities that can give you customized film viewing experiences.

About the Author:

Paul Fox is the Director of Roxy Cinemas under Meraas Group/DXB Entertainments. Roxy Cinemas currently has five Dubai locations: The Beach, La Mer, City Walk, Box Park, and Bollywood Parks.