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Keep Your Head Cool This Summer with Luxear’s Cooling Pillowcases

If you’re a hot sleeper, and you’re looking for a solution to your sleeping woes, the search ends here! Luxear bring you the best gift for this summer. Luxear’s cooling pillowcases are the perfect companion for this summer. They can keep you cool and dry all night long so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep and wake up felling refreshed and relaxed. Luxear’s cooling pillowcases incorporate the Japanese arc-chill technology to reduce your body temperature instantly and make you feel cool and cozy all night long. They are easy to care for and even easier to buy. And if you buy online with the discount code: 10%off FYBTKI29, before expiry date: 2025-12-31, you can get flat 10% discount too! With so many cooling blankets and pillowcases in the market, you might be wondering why you should choose Luxear. Well, here are some amazing features that make Luxear’s cooling pillowcases your best choice.

Arc-Chill Cooling Technology

Made with the Japanese arc-chill cooling technology, these pillowcases can reduce your body temperature instantly. With a Q-Max of over 0.5, Luxear’s pillowcases can absorb more heat compared to other cooling fabric with Q-max of 0.2 or lower. This means, the fabric can quickly absorb body heat and reduce the temperature by 2-3 degrees instantly, making you feel cool and dry all night long. This pillowcase can keep you cool and sweat-free all night even during the hottest of summer nights.

Easy Fit for All Sizes

Made with a super stretchy material, this pillowcase can fit standard as well as Queen pillow sizes. So, whether your pillow is big or small, you can easily use these pillowcases without worry. You don’t need to worry whether the pillowcase you buy will fit your pillow or not. With its super stretchy fabric, these pillowcases can easily fit most pillows.

Convenient Hidden Zipper Design

This pillowcase also comes in a hidden zipper design which protects you from any damage during sleep. The zipper remains hidden and out of contact but is easily accessible if you wish to remove the pillow case. This design ensures that when you sleep, you don’t get hurt accidentally by the zipper. The hidden zipper also makes the pillow look great with a seamless design. Plus, the hidden zipper also means the pillowcase will last longer and work better.

Great for Skin and Hair

Another benefit of using this pillowcase is that it is great for your hair and skin. The cooling fabric of this pillowcase is very tightly woven, making it naturally anti-static. This means your hair won’t get frizzy in the morning. This helps in keeping the hair smoother and softer throughout the night. Plus, this design also ensures that your hair and skin can glide over the pillow fabric gently and easily. This can help reduce wrinkles and prevent the hair from drying or knotting too much. It can also help in reducing bed head and making your hair and skin smoother and suppler.

Pamper yourself with this truly revolutionary cooling pillowcases to make your nights cooler and sweat-free even in the sweltering summer heat!