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The Best Mobile Slots Games Available Now

Malaysia’s leading online casino game, 918Kiss, offers a rich library of slots games available for your mobile phone—and you can try it out for free.

These live casino games guarantee real-time chat support for a flawless gaming experience. It also has leaderboards for competitive gameplay.

Choose from a selection of vibrant, full-HD games with vibrant visuals and dynamic sceneries ranging from nautical adventures and lush gardens. 918Kiss also has a YouTube gaming channel (maintained by LiveMobile88) to keep you on top of your game with nifty tips and tricks.

Here’s a list of the best mobile slots games that are currently available for your smartphone.

Cherry Love

918Kiss’s Cherry Love is a slots game with warm tones that make for a pleasurable gaming experience under soft lighting. There is a myriad of unique bonuses available, and the game has a total of 30 line patterns to choose from so that players have more chances of winning.

The game’s main attraction is the “cherry” bonus, a wildcard which increases the prize and gives players another fifteen free spins.

The game also has an exciting double-or-nothing feature at the end of each win—pick a red or a black card, and if it’s a match, you’ll double your earnings.

Captain’s Treasure

Captain’s Treasure is a 3×5-grid slots game by 918Kiss with navy visuals and a pirate theme to boot. The game doesn’t deviate that much from traditional slots game, but with the welcome addition of wildcards and a “scatter” mechanic for easier winnings.

The wildcard is an eccentric depiction of a pirate, while the “scatter” bonus is an image of a treasure-filled chest. When players open three or more of these chests, they will receive a generous reward.

Captain’s Treasure is a trove of fun and excitement to keep you spinning over and over again.

Bonus Bears

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys beautiful landscapes and verdant sceneries, then Bonus Bears by 918Kiss is right up your alley. The game has it all, from picnic baskets and forest critters to delightfully bright honeypots.

The goal of this game is to match three to five images arranged in specific patterns. There are 25 lines in total that may come up, and you can win with more than one of those matches.

Similar to the two games above, Bonus Bears also has a “scatter” and wildcard feature, with images of a honeycomb and a bear, respectively.

Big Shot

918Kiss’s Big Shot has the Hollywood theme going for it, complete with luxury cars and film rolls to give you that glamourous feel of living life in the fast lane. A unique mechanism to this game is the “Big Shot,” which will allow multiple free spins (depending on your luck).

To win in this game, you’ll need to bet on a pattern listed on your screen. Click “spin,” and hope the slots match your bet on the final round. The game also comes with an auto-play feature and quality-of-life buttons for hassle-free gameplay.

What are your favourite slots games online?