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Rental Management Software: Top Reasons to use it for Airbnb business

A well-managed Airbnb property can bring a lucrative income, helping you achieve a good standard of living. However, just placing an ad on the Airbnb website does not guarantee that guests will rush to book your space. The success of your Airbnb venture is entirely in your hands, and lots must be done to ensure a steady flow of payable clients.

The short-term rental business is not just about providing a nook to sleep a night. You must take the whole guest experience into account to get your business flourishing. From ensuring a homely stay to restocking supplies, from communicating with inquiries to preventing negative reviews, from coordinating a maintenance team to keeping a high rating on the Airbnb platform, from handling reservations to staying on the top of pricing – running an Airbnb property is a tough job.

Things get harder when you have multiple accommodations to manage and keep lovely. The more rental properties require your attention, the greater risk that one day you will end up with managerial issues, mistakes, or confusions. To avoid this, many Airbnb hosts turn to professional vacation rental management software, a powerful solution that can automate a larger fraction of routine Airbnb activities, thus boosting a host’s managerial efficiency and helping preclude a human factor in conducting the business.

The purpose of Airbnb Management Software

The goal of vacation rental software is to increase the occupancy rate and improve the managerial efficiency of Airbnb owners. Such services have jumped in use over recent times as they bring a good deal of automation to time-consuming Airbnb activities such as guest communication, task allocation, price adjustments, and updates to the availability calendar. The most advanced solutions offer even more features, including multiple account management, third-party integration, stats on different KPIs, Airbnb SEO management, and financial reports.

Though the global coronavirus epidemic has affected the world’s travel industry, it has become a driving force to internal tourism. Holidaymakers are hitting national roads and seek accommodation options throughout the country. The vacation rental industry is on the rise, and you can take advantage of that, too, if you have a decent space to lease out. With proper Airbnb management software, you will be able to automate up to 80% of daily Airbnb tasks, while not being constantly online. This digital asset helps you save lots of work, so you have more time to focus on your business growth.

Reasons To Use Airbnb Management Software in Your Rental Business

Seamless Guest Communication

Quick responses to inquiries play a pivotal role in running a successful Airbnb enterprise. Most Airbnb management solutions come with a toolbox for smooth and effortless communication with clients and ensure all the messages and booking requests are kept in a unified inbox to be quickly accessed and handled. These services allow you to automate replies and messages, helping you to control communications 24/7, even when you are offline.

Multiple listings management

It is not uncommon for hosts to advertise on numerous rental marketplaces like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, to maximize business opportunities. Still, administrating listings across various platforms can translate into lots of repetitive, futile work. Robust property management tools are equipped with a multiple accounts management feature, allowing for orchestrating listings and bookings across all the sites where you promote your property. Such a nifty feature helps to fend off double/triple bookings, automatically update an availability calendar, and have all the listings and current bookings at a glance.

Read more about this feature here.

Advanced auto-pricing

You want to make the most out of your property’s earning potential, without charging too much, yet not overvaluing its profitability. A good rental management tool can automatically suggest optimal rates based on seasonality, upcoming events near your listing, amenities you offer, as well as the property’s remoteness from the center and main attractions. Automatic pricing gives you peace of mind that your lodging is always priced competitively. Some products also allow for automated discounts for different categories of clients, like loyal guests, fist-timers, or longer-staying tenants.

Team management

If you hire cleaners or maintenance subcontractors to take care of your spaces, Airbnb management software can unite your team on one platform to ensure automatic task scheduling upon check-outs. Team members can see which properties are currently occupied and which are ready to be cleaned up. Hosts can also see who is responsible for this or that task, which tasks have been completed or are pending. Upon reporting a task completion, Airbnb hosts can even arrange payments to the crew right within the rental management software.

Performance reports

You want to have a holistic picture of your Airbnb business, to know its strengths and potential inefficiencies. Airbnb management solutions can generate insightful reports on different aspects of your business, including occupancy rates, an average income per night, missed earning opportunities, booking utilization, and other essential KPIs.

Better ranking in Airbnb search results

Your short-stay rental can be infinitely lovely, comfortable, and affordable, yet it may not be enough to stir potential clients’ interest. Actually, your listing must be well-visible on Airbnb Search Engine Result Page (SERP) to help travelers quickly find you. Vacation rental management software can boost your ranking on the platform. For instance, by automating guest communication, you can improve your response rates. Or, a team management feature ensures your home is always ready to accommodate new guests, encouraging guests to drop a positive review. This may help your listing climb to the top of Airbnb SERP, which is crucial for a steady influx of bookings.

Rental management software is a vital helper for Airbnb hosts searching for the modern ways of improving their productivity. If you do not have rental management software yet, it is time to join the huge community of Airbnb hosts who have already started making the most of their properties thanks to adequate business automation.