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Top Tips to Enhance Your Email Marketing [+Apps]

You may say that email is by far not the most innovative way to get customer’s attention. Could be true. However, email still remains one of the most effective methods to do this. 

In fact, did you know that every dollar invested in email marketing can bring a return of 51%? None of the digital channels is giving a higher ROI rating.

Therefore, email marketing is hardly going to fade away in the near future. As confirmed by marketing campaigns 2021, what is undergoing a change is email marketing strategies. Pick the proper ones, implement them wisely, and you are a  winner. 

Email Marketing Tips

Above 290 billion emails are sent every day, so this might make you struggle to get your customer’s attention at first. But here are the six methods that will help you succeed. 

Segment your subscribers

You should start with knowing your client and dividing the whole target audience into smaller groups based on such characteristics as demographics and interests. After you have segmented your email list, you’ll have better opportunities to speak directly, intelligently, and personally with your subscribers. 

Competent segmentation will enable you to develop the most interesting offers and deliver them at the most favorable time to give your customers what they want. Need proofs? Statistics assert that a simple segmentation based merely on location and job title raises email open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 22%, which is a really good result. 

Personalize your messages

Personalization will make your newsletters stand out. If your recipient feels that your email has been sent just for them, your whole outreach campaign becomes more engaging.

But what exactly makes your message personalized?

There are three respective points.

  • Relevance. An average working person receives more than 120 emails every day. To cut through this clutter, you should offer relevant content that your customer might be interested in.
  • Timeliness. If you have fulfilled your homework properly and gathered sufficient information about your subscribers, you would figure out which types of content they will need at particular stages of their customer journey.
  • Make your email come from a person, not from a business. Include a specific sender name and use a face instead of a business logo.

Design mobile-friendly emails

People may browse their inboxes on various devices, including smartphones. Research demonstrates that 71% of users will immediately delete an email if it does not display properly on their mobile device. Therefore, if you don’t plan to get into a recipient’s trash folder, create mobile-optimized content and make sure it looks engaging on any device.

The following tips will help you make your emails mobile-friendly:

  • Choose a single-column design for a vertical scroll
  • Use bold headlines and large images
  • Keep your CTA buttons big enough for easy tapping.

Add attractive visuals

The first visual impression of your email can determine whether or not a recipient will proceed to read your content. Strong visuals can help you hold the reader’s attention, help the reader process your information, and encourage the reader to engage with your message. 

To enhance the visual power of your content:

  • Make excellent product photography
  • Provide value via informative infographics
  • Try dynamic gifs
  • Include a suitable image into your CTA
  • Pay attention to smaller elements, such as logos, email themes, and even fonts
  • You can also embed helpful and engaging videos.

Use a lead magnet

A lead magnet is a resource that has value for customers. Typically, it’s a piece of content which businesses give their potential customers in exchange for an email address.

What makes a good lead magnet:

  • A real solution to a real problem
  • A guarantee of a quick and easy win
  • Provision of a specific benefit
  • Demonstration of your expertise.

Use automation

Email automation increases your opportunities to generate leads and sales. Automation is one of the mighty email marketing tools that empowers you to send a variety of personalized messages to your audience, such as subscription confirmations, birthday greetings, newsletters, blog updates, and many more. The tool helps you exclude the excessive legwork from your interaction with customers while continually staying in touch with them. Finally, by using marketing automation, you can increase your leads by up to 80%.

Today, there are multiple apps aimed at helping you create efficient automated email outreach campaigns. Let’s take a look at how software technology can benefit your business.

Email Marketing Software

Email marketing software brings the right tools and capabilities that comply with your business goals. These solutions perform numerous tasks from managing your contact lists and helping you design and deliver compelling emails to tracking the open rates and providing reports. 


The solution allows you to build a brand, sell online, and scale your business. This is a perfect tool to create emails, landing pages, social ads, postcards, and more. It helps you to:

  • Segment your audience and target the right people;
  • Improve your content with convenient design tools and templates;
  • Automate your campaigns;
  • Collect data and insights. 


With this app, you can grow your business with customizable forms for your website, build creative landing pages and beautiful emails, make convenient automations, tailor messages to each customer segment, and keep track of the vital info and results. The tool is easy to use and provides handy integrations. Particularly useful features are real-time statistics and responsive support.


The product is primarily focused on professional bloggers, podcasters, course creators, and YouTubers. Although its features are limited, this is a nice niche solution that helps the above-mentioned categories and those alike to connect with their potential and full-time customers. The tool is beneficial for ultra-targeted campaigns thanks to its flexible tagging and segmentation system. The in-built landing page editor enables you to run complete campaigns.


Another all-in-one marketing platform that offers email marketing, landing pages, CRM, and sophisticated automations. The app is favored by many marketers for advanced automation options, design and spam testing, conversion funnel and landing page feature, live chat, and Google and social media ads feature.

AC Email Marketing

This Shopify app is one of the top products by scope and functionality. It is a customer experience automation platform that is applied by companies in more than 170 countries. Focused on the excellent customer experience, the tool offers over 500 automations including email marketing, CRM, segmentation and personalization across social and messaging, chat and text. The platform suits companies of all sizes and helps businesses scale.


Modern customers are overwhelmed by emails every day. However, this does not mean that your messages have to stay on the backburner. Reinforce your email marketing campaigns by reviving your strategy, using automations, and applying fascinating email templates. These tactics will help you build your brand, engage your audience with the help of emails, and enhance loyalty.