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5 Peripera Best Selling Products to Try

Using good quality skincare products is a good way to maintain the elasticity of your skin. Going for skincare treatments once a month, including products from the Beauty of Joseon line, is another great way to maintain the elasticity and youthfulness of your skin.

To explore more about Korean beauty products, Peripera is the best Korean Makeup brand for all age groups. These products are affordable and provide us with the desired results. This brand has its product line with the packaging process that attracts the millennials on a large scale. It is full of funky, bold, and playful products.

Peripera markets its products extraordinarily that might scare you off from the brand. Don’t panic, never judge a book by its cover.

Peripera brand is popular for having killer lip products. They have crossed all the boundaries when we talk about innovation. They are also popular for versatility and can be applied easily. Each product has a different finish and formula. You might feel they are unnecessary but once you will start using them, you will choose them over and over again. That’s the beauty of Peripera based beauty products.

Make sure you aren’t missing Peripera based products in your makeup collection. You can easily search Peripera on KollectionK for a vast range of Korean beauty products. Let’s keep your search process easy and simple with the help of our five best selling products to try –

Peri’s Ink Tint

You are missing something great if Peri’s Ink Tint is not there in your makeup collection. As it’s evident from the name, it leaves a stain on your lips for over 12 hours. The makers of this product had to make a remover for this tint as it is so strong. It will not budge away from your lips even after you eat or drink something. This tint gives a perfect balance to your overall looks. It encompasses a range of colors for every lip color.

Peri’s Tint Water

To recreate Korean gradient lips, Peri’s Tint Water is the perfect choice to make. It acts as a recommended substitute for high-end western products. It is easy to spread on the lips due to its liquid consistency. It also gives us relief from spilling everywhere as it has a fast-drying formula. This tint water product can also be applied on cheeks. Just give slight dabs on your cheeks and it gives you a cute pop color to your cheeks to embrace.

It also maintains blush on your face throughout the day that makes your skin looks vibrant and shiny.

Peri’s Cushion Lips

Do you love cushion consistency on your lips? Why not? Peripera’s Cushion Lips is one of the most moisturizing lip tints that you can ever come across. You will be able to feel the change on your lips within three months of its usage. Its cushion packaging keeps the cream’s texture easy to dab on your lips. It is so moisturizing and creamy that it won’t take the moisture away from your lips as most of the lip stains do. Besides Korea, people all around the world are falling in love with this Cushion Lips trend.

Peripera Sugar Twinkle Shadow

To add shine and glitter on your eyelids, this liquid twinkle shadow has its charm. To embrace your eyes with a shimmering accent all day long, this product comes with a water-based formula. This twinkle shadow has 6 shade colors to try. Give a go to all of them on different occasions as per your needs.

Peripera Ink Highlighter

Peripera is popular for creating its products in liquid form. As most of the highlighters are available in powder and stick form, Peripera is again one step ahead. You have 3 colors to choose from depending on your skin tone. It is easy to apply and blend with your skin texture. With a long-lasting impression all day, we will recommend you this item for glowing skin.

Have you enjoyed the enlisted products? They are cute, affordable and adhere to great quality which is not possible to achieve in other beauty brands. You can also gift these products to your loved ones on birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions.

Peripera is more into expanding their beauty products to cover the market globally. They also sell Ink Corrector, Ink Concealer, Wholly Deep Jolly Pots, Foundations, Color correctors and many more. Stay tuned with KollectionK to find out more about Peripera.