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Guide To Roof Replacement Timeline

If you own a residence, then a roof replacement is something inevitable. The question for most homeowners is the timeline that surrounds the project. How long does it take? What’s an expected timeframe for the project to be completed?

Before we get to that breakdown, let’s look at the factors that affect your project timeline.

Factors that Impact the Project Timeline

There’s no denying the fact that roof replacement is a big commitment. Once you determine that your roofing system is ready for full replacement, you must think about your specific schedule.

You should think in detail about the kind of roof you’re going to be installing during the planning process. Remember, there are key factors that impact your timeline. Here is what you should consider when replacing your roof:

  • If your roof has any damage, this will require more work to replace.
  • The size, scope and shape of your roof (the larger it is, the longer it will take to replace)
  • The experience, skills and availability of the roofing contractor or company ( A highly recognized and established roofing contractor means you’ll get the job done quickly and properly.
  • The season in which you do it. Summer and spring are the best months as there are fewer issues with the weather, but it’s also busier for contractors.
  • Your budget can affect the timeline in which your project is completed. If you want it done by a certain date, you might have to pay more for it.
  • The roofing material you choose for your project – THIS might be one of the key factors affecting your timeline because each material has its installation process.

So, How Long Will My Project Take?

It’s important to recognize that different roofing materials mean different lifespans, so project timeframes.

The truth is that roofing systems are never permanent – regardless of the material of your roof. Let’s take a look at some of the lifespans of common roofing materials:

  • Asphalt Roofing – If you’re installing an asphalt shingle roof, the process may be comparatively rapid. It may take between one and three days or so. If you have a roof made out of asphalt shingles, it may remain operational for between 15 and 30 years.
  • Slate Roofing – If you plan on installing a slate tile one, think about setting aside anywhere between six and seven days for the job. But it will last 50 plus years.
    Metal Roof – You can expect the project to take seven to 10 days. If you have a roof that’s made out of metal, it may last even longer. Metal roofs often remain strong for as long as a quarter of a century. In some cases, they can last up to 50 years.
  • Rubber Roof – An average of two weeks is required to install a rubber roof. Rubber roofing systems can stay resilient for anywhere between a total of 30 and 50 years.
  • Wood Shingles – Wooden shingle roof replacement can, in many situations, take even longer. The replacement project may last for as many as eight days if you’re taking the wooden shingle route. Wood shake and composition shingle roofs can remain functional for a maximum of 25 and 20 years, respectively.

It’s imperative to ensure that you have enough time for any roofing system replacement project. It would help if you talked to your roofing company about timeline matters at length before committing to anything. Ask the company’s representatives how long they expect the entire job to take from start to finish. Roofing replacement isn’t something that you ever want to rush.